New Year's gift from Binary District

    Dear habrovchane! During this year we conducted a huge number of courses, several hakatons and mitaps. Our community is growing and developing, and Habr's readers are a considerable part of it. In order to see you more often within the walls of the Binary District, we have prepared a gift - a 50% discount on all 2019 courses.

    Under the cut, we collected our next courses and briefly told about them so that you could choose the right one. The discount is valid only until January 9th.

    Courses for developers

    Scala Basic

    Two-day intensive on the basics of the Scala language with a lot of practice and live coding. The course is conducted by Lead Scala Developer in the Waves Platform Sergey Tolmachyov Tolsi . Students will learn how to work with web frameworks and databases, learn how to write simple backend applications.

    The course requires development experience in any programming language (preferably Java), as well as experience with Git. Intensive will be held from February 16-17.

    AI School

    AI School - an intensive long course for developers who want to work with the technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We have already written about AI School - the article describes in detail how classes will be held and what tasks students will learn to solve.

    To complete the course you need at least a minimum level to master the language Python. AI School will be held from March 2nd to April 6th.

    Blockchain developer

    The blockchain development course lasts 9 weeks and includes a complete immersion in technology: from mining strategies and primitive transactions to consensus algorithms and smart contracts.

    Blockchain Developer is designed for those who already have programming experience in Java or Scala. Classes will be held from March 22nd to 17th.

    Cybersecurity courses from BiZone

    Web application security

    The course on security of web applications is intended mainly for beginners in the field of cybersecurity, who have a good theoretical base. It will also be useful to the developers of web applications.

    Students will learn about major vulnerabilities, how to analyze applications, how to defend themselves, and what tools they have to do so. Intensive will be held February 16-17.

    Cyberforensics for Business

    The Forensic course is designed for internal response teams of companies that must quickly make decisions in case of incidents and understand how to investigate cyber attacks. In small companies, these responsibilities are partially assigned to system administrators, so this course will also be useful to them.

    Students will learn how to properly build a response process, collect data for incident analysis, and conduct research on core dumps. The course on fornics will also be held February 16-17.

    Courses for managers and products

    Project Management in IT

    A long course in project management in IT is held for Middle and Senior projects with experience of one year, as well as product owners and managers of IT projects. Speakers will tell you how to find bottlenecks in projects, conduct research and identify risks.

    To complete the course, you need to know the basics of the development and programming process, the project life cycle and UX / UI. The course will take place from February 4th to March 2nd.

    Product Owner

    A long and short course in product management is intended for novice product managers, projects and digital specialists. Students will gain practical skills necessary for the work of the product: from the casting and metrics to working with hypotheses and A / B / n testing.

    No specific requirements are required for effective completion of the course. A long product management course will take place from February 4th to March 6th, a short intensive Product Owner Weekend will take place on January 26-27.

    Customer Development & MVP

    A one-day workshop on user research and the formation of MVP is conducted for product analysts, products and projects, as well as interface developers and technical managers. Students will learn to pick up product hypotheses, conduct interviews and upload the necessary data to form an MVP.

    No skills or theoretical knowledge is required to successfully complete the course. The workshop will be held on February 2.

    Growth Hacking: Mobile App

    The two-day Growth Hacking Mobile Applications course is designed for analysts, product managers, and marketers working in their respective fields. Students will learn how to increase LTV and the Retention rate, and learn Retentioneering to analyze application growth points.

    The course will take place on February 2nd and 9th.

    This is not the whole list of courses that take place in the Binary District . If you did not find the course you need, please contact us, and maybe we will collect it. Happy New Year!

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