The board of directors of Tesla includes two independent directors - Larry Ellison and Caitlin Wilson-Thompson.

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The addition to the board of directors of the American company Tesla is two new independent directors who were introduced at the recent request of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The main task of the new members of the board of directors is to exercise financial control and advisory assistance to Tesla Executive Director Ilon Mask.

Two new positions of independent directors have taken ... Larry Ellison and Caitlin Wilson-Thompson.

For these two new independent cadres, work on the Tesla board of directors will not be the main one; this is a combination, besides their constant front of work.

Larry Ellison - co-founder of Oracle Corporation, the American magazine Forbes in 2018, estimated the state of Ellison at $ 58.5 billion, he ranks 10th in the rating of the richest people on the planet according to the magazine.

In 2018, Larry Ellison acquired almost three million shares of Tesla for $ 1 billion, there is also information that Larry Ellison is a close friend of Ilona Mask.

Caitlin Wilson-Thompson had previously held the position of executive director of the Kellogg Company corporation (food producer) for 17 years.

Now her main job is an executive vice president of the Walgreens Boots Alliance pharmacy company (the largest US pharmacy chain).

“We are striving to add independent directors with knowledge and skills that would complement the experience of the current board of directors. Larry and Kathleen have an entrepreneurial spirit in their blood, and both of them have a passion for renewable energy, ”a Tesla company said in a statement.

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Earlier, the SEC filed a lawsuit against Ilon Musk at the end of October 2018. The reason for the appeal were Mask’s posts on Twitter about plans to make Tesla a non-public company and buy shares at $ 420 per share, which is 20% higher than their quotes at that time.

SEC actually accused Mask of fraud because of his “fake and misleading” Twitter posts. Ilon Musk initially refused the deal before the trial, however, three days later he decided to go to an agreement, under which Musk left the post of chairman of the Tesla board of directors without the right to hold it for three years (however, he retained the post of executive director). The introduction of independent directors to control Mask is part of this lawsuit.

Instead of Ilona Mask, the post of chairman of the board of directors of the company since November is Robin Denholm.

Robin Denholm holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s degree in commerce. The Australian telecommunications company Telstra, from which Robin came from the position of finance director (although its full transition to a new job is still in progress), is the former “telephone monopoly” of Rostelecom type. Before her in the life of the new Tesla chairman, there were network and software companies Juniper Networks and Sun Microsystems, as well as the ABB robotic division.

Currently, the Board of Directors of Tesla includes 11 people, including 3 women.

The official statement of the company Tesla .

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