PornHub as a replacement for VK

    On December 11, PornHub published an annual report on its work in 2018. Ukraine entered the 20 countries with the highest traffic this year. Taking the 16th place in traffic, the Ukrainian users climbed 11 positions at once in comparison with 2017.

    The ban on VKontakte on the territory of Ukraine since May 2017 has become an obvious reason for such a sharp increase in PornHub’s popularity. A part of the audience of the social network that used VKontakte as PornHub over the past year and a half has smoothly migrated to PornHub.

    Under the cut a lot picturesGoogle Trends charts to help you get a closer look at migration. Pre-Friday, just time to analyze user behavior by time, geographical location and video preferences.

    2017 year

    May 16, 2017 The President of Ukraine signed Decree No. 133/2017 , which, among other things, limited access to VKontakte for a period of 3 years:

    The popularity of VKontakte was so great that on such a scale it is not visible how, simultaneously with the decline in popularity of the social network, PornHub Pa grew in popularity in 2017:


    In 2018, the trend continued, and by the end of the year PornHub in trends overtook the once most popular social network in Ukraine:


    I have no intelligible explanation, but the migration of contact users took place on a regional basis from west to east.

    Month after blocking

    Two months after blocking

    Six months after blocking

    Year after blocking

    A year and a half after blocking

    Tastes for porn users vkontakte

    Google Trends charts may not seem very convincing argument about the migration of users from VKontakte. But, this version confirms the top search queries PornHub from Ukraine. The second line this year is the query "sex". Which rose to 380 positions in comparison with 2017, and absolutely does not make sense on PornHub. So in the past, users in the video search indicated that they are looking for just a sex video.

    In addition to the query "sex", new users put "anime" in the first place (+40 positions), and "russian milf" in 9th place (+56 positions).

    P.S. Tumblr

    In December, Tumblr announced that from the 17th, all adult content on the site will be banned. By some estimates, 22% percent of users used Tumblr to view adult content. The official PornHub account, in response to this, tweeted that they pleased former Tumblr users, and provide the same functionality. While writing this article, I thought that migrating users from Tumblr to PornHub is not so unlikely:

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