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    This is Ivan Bakaidov - a programmer, an author on Habré, punk, a nineteen-year-old citizen of the Russian Federation, a disabled person of the first group due to Cerebral Palsy.

    Last year, I read the article "How do I know what flowers to give the girl if she had only to move his head, and she can not talk?" She struck me pohlesche than the "Looking at the code with your eyes closed" .

    Interview with Ivan ibakaidov . There is something to think about.

    Tell me how you first saw the computer? How interested in programming and how did you study?

    Ivan:Listen, the computer in my life appeared very early, since my mother worked as a translator for a company that supplied imported medical equipment, so the computer was in my family almost from birth.

    But they suggested that they put me in prison for him at the Institute for Early Intervention. This is a St. Petersburg organization, active in the 1990s, 2000s. They gathered progressive specialists in the field of rehabilitation and collaborated a lot with the West.

    The main ideology was: “Do not make a person healthy, you need to teach him how to live comfortably,” which is still the opposite of the policy of the Ministry of Health and most hospitals, but actually ask yourself the question: “What does a person need: to walk or move?” Or "Speak or communicate?"

    So these progressive guys did not wait until I spoke after a long lesson with a speech therapist and sat at the computer. There were some toys, Word. At the age of five I typed the words “Mom”, “Dad” and “Artem” (brother).

    STOP: I am not saying that people with disabilities (limited health) do not need to deal with themselves. It is NECESSARY. But to set the goal of life straightforward? I think it’s not worth it. There are much cooler things in life.

    Then I went to school, it was equipped with computers. Due to the fact that I cannot write with a pen, I wrote on a computer. I am an inquisitive person and I wanted to learn how to program the crap for which I spend most of my life. I turned to my elementary school teacher, she went to her friend, who led computer science.


    They put me first (this is where the turtle crawls and leaves a mark), they gave me a textbook in the ninth grade (I was in the fourth). For a year I drew all kinds of patterns, I wanted more. I already asked the math teacher what I could try. She advised Basic. Googled and somehow miraculously ended up on Small Basic, this is the version of Basic for students. There I learned if, for, whilebut there was no argument at functions. That is, you could highlight the code in sub, but you couldn’t set the arguments to sub, it was very tough, although threadthere was one and all the variables were global ... What do children in this west teach ?!

    For Small Basic, it was possible to write plugins in C #, which I successfully tried to do, but was not carried away by the language itself, but was carried away by the creation of sites. WordPress, Ubuntu, Mysql, Php.

    And not, before Ubuntu there was Gentoo! I have been building the linux kernel in a virtual machine for three days. It gives an excellent base.

    I fell in love with my first girlfriend, her mother did not allow her to register for VK, so I wrote in PHP / JS a single-threaded chat that went ajax to the server once a second and received new messages, launched it on the server, which I made from an old laptop , set up No-IP ... But the subject of sigh didn’t go there ...

    When I wrote the chat, I came across an article about node.js and sockets. I became interested in this topic, pulled js through courses on YouTube. Actually on node and began to grow its stack.

    Vanya Loch

    After last year's series of articles on Habré, what was the response?

    Ivan: The exhaust was huge. Pull requests to Android projects constantly came, guys strongly cleaned the code and added many functions, it was so joyful.

    Croc has provided free vps for the site.

    Habrachitateli pounded a lot of money. Money helped, firstly I felt that I was not alone in this good deed. Secondly, now if I see some kind of stray that I can try in my business, I buy it calmly, for example, I recently bought a large Enter button in China, an anti-stress, I want to try attaching it to DisQwerty.

    I bought Photoshop, a good laptop with Windows for tests (working on a macbook). Now I want to pay iOS programmers. Camera for videos, a lot of taxis for traveling to conferences on alternative communication.

    Big Enter Button and DisQwerty

    Our project, in search of an alternative to the American button for DisQwerty, found such a toy in China. This is a soft pillow in the shape of a Big Enter button. She performs her function well. I believe that it is not suitable for all people, since it is quite large and requires a lot of punching for work, but the board is easily removed from it. I think that you can finish the button based on the board at home.

    You can buy a button in this store . It was checked by me for years, until no difficulties arose. If you need help buying a button, you can write to us. A DisQwerty update for this button is coming soon.

    How do you organize work on a project? What time management, what “agile”, what GTD?

    Ivan:No way, for which I repent. I myself devote 20 hours a week to the project, now there is somehow a lot of school and other things, and I'm just lazy. I switched to creating and PR bot in vk (he can throw a voice message when it is not convenient to listen to him and get the text). And so I’m trying to finish DisType and DisQwerty on electron, the first one at the release stage, but for some reason, when building for Windows, the say module starts saying not transmitted text, but simply “abbb”, although everything works with debug… Encoding somewhere until I found where. While I solved the problem by writing a spoken phrase to a file and running voice.exe to read this file, a creepy crutch, but it works.

    I realize that I need to find a team and better organize work. For example, I recently compiled a version of distype for iOS, which the community creates, I found that the guys didn’t even put tts there and generally did something different from Android.

    It was necessary to draw up competent TK, and not give people a link to the Android application. Now I have found a person who has taken up work for payment and understands what needs to be done. He wrote the app and published it on the App Store.

    What kind of specialists do you need in the project?

    Ivan: I need an iOS developer, an SMM worker, a talented smm worker who will come up with content for groups on the topic of alternative communication. Copywriter for texts on the site. A lawyer who will write letters to the government and to foundations.

    All this requires money and a resource to engage in HR, it is worth spending half a million, but it is not clear what will happen when they end. I need the advice of experienced people, but I don’t want to lose my unique project.

    Which of the “cool” IT people do you respect?

    I love Robert Corbett's joke about employment.

    Robert Corbett came to get a job, they ask him:
    - Do you program in bison ++?
    - Tyk I wrote it.

    What is the most ridiculous mistake as a programmer?

    Ivan: I very much messed up with the previous article on Habré. And in the sense of code and in the sense of marketing and in the form of morality. Straight Fiasco. I wrote a game to teach printing in Unity, the simplest, but I originally thought it was paid. You know, the first project that I wanted to sell. I came across the need to change Viewport when opening the on-screen keyboard on mobile devices. I read the documentation, I didn’t understand that there was a ready-made api for this, climbed on stackoverflow, found a terrible crutch with the direct java code in C #, inserted this crutch, made the game cheaper at a frantic price of 300 rubles (did it for a long time!). I decided to write a post about the crutch. Well, the people rightly said: “fii, what are you doing? Position yourself as a white bird, and yourself? And your crutch slows down fps. ”. Here is a story.

    Are you sitting in Darknet?

    Ivan: No, only the proxy you know why :)

    Here they are trying to raise a discussion about sex , how are you doing with this?

    Ivan: There was no sex, it’s hard to have sex with a girl who mom drives to the toilet.

    I somehow forgot about this issue after bloody battles, I want to return to a more mature age, when no one will have questions.

    When this happens, I want to write about it, about this problem. In my opinion, the more we talk about sex, the less any garbage, such as abortion, can happen.

    What are the most common stereotypes about people with disabilities who are most hindered by living / working?

    Ivan:Probably the word "disabled person" is the biggest myth. A disabled person is not a person? I therefore avoid this word so carefully. We don’t say bespectacled man, we speak man with glasses. So a person with disabilities is the same person who can love, program, thump or hollow. The biggest problem is the allocation to a separate group. I have done quite a lot of bad things, just from the human point of view of the vile, but I have never been beaten in the face. That is the problem. "Special" can let go of a joke about a woman and not get to the cabbage soup.

    When I first saw a wheelchair user nearby, my first reaction was “fear” and so far I am terribly embarrassed about people with disabilities. I think that this is the default setting for each person. What to do about it?

    Ivan:Fear of the incomprehensible is normal, we are all afraid. Exit: "make normal" a person in a wheelchair. Put it in the info field since childhood, in the morning show, on youtube. Yes, so that Dud would interview an particular person (a Paralympic, for example, on my site this is one of the goals). If different people are visible, they will be understood, they will not scare.

    (Hey Dud, let's do an interview with Ivan, we’ve already done a draft with the mats on my knee.)


    Attitude in London to people with disabilities

    What do you think about the “bugs” of your body from the point of view of an IT developer?

    Ivan: I still wonder: if I draw a hand and put a prosthesis, it will also be with hyperkinesis, or it will be possible to flash the controller for filtering using the same neural network.


    The company "Motorika", which is engaged in the development and production of individual children's traction prostheses .

    Do you monitor what is happening in Europe / America / China, what gadgets, services, programs, applications for “you” appear there? What about information and its dissemination? Who is ahead of the rest? Is there a special incubator / hack space for disabled makers / startupers?

    Ivan:Oh, I’m monitoring a purely subscription to the right people in the FB. I can’t remember what I began to actively use in my life. Ahead of the planet, perhaps the States, the Swedes and the British. There are incubators, but I can’t name anyone.

    Oh yes, I saw rubber shoelaces in the tape that did not need to be tied, ordered 10 pairs, put in all the shoes, now I can leave the house myself. I also love magnetic microusb cables, because I always ruined the connectors on tablets, cameras, headphones. Non-specialized stuff, but very cool.

    You are in grade 11. What are you planning? Aren't you afraid that you will be taken into the army?

    Ivan: I'm not afraid, I even shaved Bosko :), but they don’t want to take something. What the hell kind of discrimination ?!

    Seriously, I’m looking at ITMO, because my mother said that ITMO is prestigious, although I can’t tell anyone about my choice (including you), they say that ITMO has a lot of PR work and little knowledge. In order to enter ITMO you need to pass the exam on 260 points. Due to the fact that I have graphic tasks (I can’t use anything except the Word, but I want Autocad), the rest must be memorized by heart, but I don’t quite understand why to learn what to google.

    I think now the time has changed, a person does not have a task to memorize large amounts of information, he only needs to be smart and have the ability to google and parse google information. What really needs to be deposited in the head is like the discriminant formula after solving a hundred equations.

    The exam in ICTs has cool tasks for saving memory, it makes me think, I like to break off and solve the problem without using arrays, etc., but why do it “under the camera”.

    I also don’t understand why to go to a university (and it’s not at all easy for me to move around the buildings that are “protected by UNESCO”, electronic courses or answers on oral subjects. This can be solved, of course, but it requires energy), if these courses are available on Coursera, Stepic, and they can be passed sitting at home under a blanket with a coffee maker.

    By the way, I just wanted / want to move to a rented apartment, because I live in the same room with my brother, who plays loudly in DotA, I have a difficult relationship with my parents, and generally the second floor without an elevator, but I know if my legs hurt :) (Actually no, it’s a myth, I’m just as hardy, I can ride 50 km on a bike), but independent life takes time, you don’t fasten the same zipper on your jacket, but twenty, although many things can be hammered in or done in advance as TRIZ bequeathed to us, for example, I cook pasta right in a colander. So the family does not take this idea well, because it believes that the most important thing in life is the university, and I won’t be able to catch it.


    The story of pasta , the story of buckwheat .

    My entourage believes that I’m “tearing my head off” from success, although what I do can be written by any student, but they will teach you at the institute! In my opinion, I just do not have enough Time Management, courses or work experience. And there everyone will not care that a person with a good salary does not have a crust.

    Again: walk or move? Get knowledge or study at a university? Especially in the IT world, where knowledge is in the public domain, just read, take, look, try. It amazes me that every student does not have basic knowledge of the JS or Android SDK. Pascal is beautiful, but not applicable in life.

    Many girls want to learn how to walk in order to please boys. I don’t care whether the girl walks or rides a stroller if she listens to Jimmy Morrison, gets to the appointed meeting place, and kisses cool. People are used to getting knowledge at universities, but is this the only way?

    Although the university gives (according to the stories) a structure of knowledge, friends and employment, this is a very complex issue that needs to be addressed now. I would be glad if I were hired for an internship or work somewhere now, I see this path for myself. Or in order to understand that I am a sucker, or to start making money and prove this way.

    I am not a wimp, just the motivation to do deadline work is much higher than the motivation to pass the exam and get a diploma.

    Tell me about your hobbies.

    I’m doing boccia (not to be confused with “bocce”, huh), it’s a Paralympic sport, I’m tired of talking about its essence and therefore I drew a video in Unity:

    I like this sport, as it gives psychological relief. There are few places in the world where you can simply scream if you made a successful throw or didn’t hit the opposite (I’m very confusing, but I still got a yellow card for the mat at the Russian Cup 2017, that's the law of meanness). This is a hobby, I lost ¼ the final of the cup and I do not care, I got mine and went on to code. More precisely, I went to the room to code, the laptop was with me.


    I also have a tricycle, trike. I ride it in St. Petersburg, I can drive about 50 kilometers. Go to Strelna, etc. This is amazing freedom.


    Tell me a story with signatures. How, in your opinion, technologies can help with this issue (well, so as not to beg the government, but, for example, introduce EDS everywhere, or face / retina biometry).

    Ivan: I tell you: in November 2016, at Change I opened the issue that people without a signature experience difficulties in everyday life. From the opening of the card to the marriage. The media made a noise, several major politicians drew attention to the problem. They forked legislation and have been preparing amendments for a year. It seems that a Pull Request has already been made to the State Duma, but somehow the maintainers do not move to merge it.


    Regarding EDS, it is unlikely to be everywhere, there are a lot of types of papers. Where will you stick the USB flash drive with EDS when you give consent to vaccinate your son, etc. After 20 years, perhaps all documents will be electronic, there will be no problems, but at the moment I see a temporary solution to the introduction of a facsimile (stamp).

    I know that in England, people accompanying my friend at the UN strike it, and in Poland (according to the film “Like a Butterfly”) you can leave an ink fingerprint. Although while I was writing this, I was thinking about Face ID and I was very funny.


    “Paper”: Get a credit card if you cannot sign because of cerebral palsy. And get a waiver from the five banks

    Three of the coolest / most useful posts on Habré?

    Ivan: An article about inaccessible web , as it draws attention to the problem. Use the alt attribute for its intended purpose!

    About how Denis bought Habr , as this is an example:

    a) Denis’s great manhood.
    b) Freedom of speech in a country where it does not exist.
    c) Rot in RuNet in the form of M ## l.ru Group.

    The guy who hacked in the summer A mobile application in VK and received $ 3000 . Proves that it doesn't matter who you are.

    Oh. Also your post from the comments to the code is very funny ( // bukh, I will fix it later) In addition, he shows the essence, punk, rock and the devotion of the developers. It can be studied from the point of view of social anthropology.

    Going to a desert island. Three albums, three films, three books.


    - The doors - the doors
    - The led zeppelin - The led zeppelin I
    - Pink floyd - wish you were here


    - "Let's do it fast."
    - "Pulp Fiction".
    - "Romeo + Juliet."


    - “It's hard to be a god.”
    - "The Master and Margarita".
    - A collection of poems by Brodsky.

    What are the three movies that tear?

    • “And in my soul I dance”
    • The Untouchables (1 + 1)
    • “Come as you are”

    And the book “White on Black”. The must read. She's pretty tough about growing up in a Soviet boarding school, little has changed since then. Just read it.


    How do you feel when you speak at the UN? (Alena Svetushkova, vice president of the Rybakov Foundation.)

    Ivan:The knees are shaking. The performance was quite spontaneous. The UN Summit consisted of a huge number of sessions, some of which were dedicated to people with disabilities, and the UNICEF group of young self-advocates, which I was a member of, worked there. At one of the sessions, “they gave the floor from the audience,” as it later turned out to be “decoy ducks,” but I am Russian, I don’t know the norms, well, I raised my hand. A microphone was brought to the tablet and I, barely getting in, the hyperkinesis increased very much, by points of speech (I wrote a program that breaks the text into a list by paragraphs and reads each paragraph separately, so it was possible to throw out a couple of unnecessary entries), our curator ran group with a sixth iPhone, began to shoot, her eyes were full of horror. She whispered to my mother what I was tightening, my mother whispered to me, I skipped a couple of paragraphs and tore off the applause.

    How do i feel Well, at least I (and not only) woke up from three hours of speeches about the suffering of women with disabilities in Africa.

    Alena Svetushkova , Vice President of the Rybakov Foundation : Ivan, I will be glad to invite you to our program for boosting startups .

    If you had the opportunity to systematically change something in the state, what would be the first three changes you made? (Andrey Dunaev, strategy consultant at the Rybakov Fund.)


    Ivan: I already have the opportunity, but if so in the forehead, right away:

    • I would upload the laws on github.
    • Would replace the boarding system with accompanied accommodation.
    • He forbade people over 60 to occupy leadership positions.

    In general, the group Krovostok has a song Stuffy ...

    What are the best practices for supporting people with disabilities that you know that are not in Russia but in other countries? (Andrey Dunaev, strategy consultant at the Rybakov Fund.)

    Ivan: Accompanied living is the life system of people with disabilities in ordinary city apartments with care. This can be the help of incoming volunteers, or cohabitation in the “commune” if care is required 24/7. We now mainly have people with disabilities living with their parents, which is not cool for anyone, since the children sing “we will never get older,” and the lives of parents are tied to leaving, add to this co-dependence and the Russian mentality. Or in boarding schools, and this, I repeat again, the Gulag in the whole sense of the word.

    How could people be useful to you, who may be and would like to somehow participate, but just found out about you and don’t know how to do it? Offers on the site , is this really what you need? (Andrey Dunaev, strategy consultant at the Rybakov Fund.)

    Ivan: Of course , what you need on the site .

    Firstly, if there is a desire to help, fill out the project assistant form , I will try to come up with something that we can do. A newsletter with urgent tasks will also come. I also plan to stir up the telegram channel.

    Secondly, there is a github project , once again I urge you to do iOS development, people have been waiting for a long time.

    Thirdly, I will be glad to participate in courses / internships / freelance.

    Well, you can throw money , but this is optional.

    You can read more about me here: ibakaidov.ru

    You can contact me by writing a message:
    VC: vk.com/ibakaidov
    FB: fb.com/ibakaidov
    viber, telegram, whatsapp: +79992486123

    Dedicated to


    Record on the wall of Ivan on July 4, 2017: “Angelina Titova, my good friend, the main muse of the project and my life, died yesterday afternoon. The man for whom I wrote DisQwerty. The eternal smiling angel that everyone loved. The whole school, the whole family and just random people. Journalists, employees of institutes, everyone who came to their class, were charged with this bright energy. Link (as everyone called her) a week ago didn’t fall down successfully and knocked out three teeth, was seriously injured, but as a fighter it all withstood. She was discharged home, and she was recovering, slept a lot, ate heavily, from a syringe. She didn’t wake up yesterday.

    We will remember Link as a fun thing. A girl with a strong character and a good heart. And I will be in eternity indebted, because my AAC began with her. Without it, there would be no project, no UN, and me as you know. ”

    Ivan: Now I want to rename the project in LINKa: connection with the world in memory of Lin. She did extraordinary things and continues to help. Very bright soul.

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