Parallels become part of Corel?

    More recently, there was news in the media that the Canadian corporation Corel is acquiring Parallels, a “developer with Russian roots”. The announcement of the transaction caused a stir in the foreign and domestic press. Against this background, it is always better to draw on facts from the original source. Under the short interview with Jacob Zubarev, CEO of Parallels.

    Why is Parallels interested in this deal, what are the positive aspects the company sees in it?

    - Parallels and Corel are great for each other. We are united by a leading position in the market, a common vision of further activities and a love of innovation. Given the scale of Corel and the company's plans for additional investments in Parallels staff and products, we believe that this was an excellent choice for Parallels customers, employees, partners and shareholders.

    Does Corel plan to expand the direction of VDI products and solutions, or is it just a financial acquisition?

    - The acquisition of Parallels has become both strategically and financially beneficial for Corel. Thanks to innovations in the field of software, constant growth in the number of customers and subscribers, as well as consistently high profitability, Parallels is a strategically attractive company. Corel has been following Parallels products and innovative solutions for many years. Parallels was the first company to launch Windows on a Mac without rebooting; the first to provide excellent user experience on mobile devices with remote access to desktop applications in the Parallels Access product, the first to provide the same convenience to business users in the Remote Application Server server product.

    “Parallels is a world famous brand and leader in its market segment. The Parallels brand is known for tens of millions of Mac users, as well as PC users with such solutions as Parallels Toolbox for Windows and Parallels Access.

    For years, we have recommended that users who want to run CorelDRAW for Windows use Parallels Desktop for Mac.

    As part of our communication with the Parallels team, we were impressed by the talented group of people who create, sell and support its exceptional quality products for business and end users. Corel and Parallels develop and sell some of the most dynamic, reliable and favorite brands of software for Windows and Mac. We share not only market leadership and innovation, but much more. Corel and Parallels work in the same markets, use similar strategies and speak the same language. Our business models will go well together. It is too early to talk about what this means for our future products, but we expect that Parallels leadership and deep knowledge of this market will open up new opportunities for our product lines! ”Patrick Nichols, CEO of Corel.

    Will anything change in Parallels business and products in 2019?

    - Parallels is now part of Corel Corporation, and this provides new and interesting features. Parallels will continue to work as part of the holding as an independent unit, so for its team, partners and customers, nothing fundamentally changes. Corel's significant investment plans in Parallels will enable us to accelerate our innovative software solutions, which will benefit companies and end-users all over the world. Although I cannot yet share the details, I can tell you that we look forward to the release of the new Parallels software solution in 2019, as well as further improving the functions and performance of our products already known to the market.

    What will happen to the Parallels brand?

    - The Parallels brand and its key software products, such as Parallels Desktop and Parallels RAS, will remain unchanged.

    What are the plans for Corel & Parallels in the near future? What is high on the agenda for 2019?

    - Our number one priority is to continue to provide products and services of the highest quality for our customers as our business is integrated. Due to the fact that Parallels is an independent Corel business unit, this process becomes easy as we learn from each other’s best practices, share technologies and use our strengths for further development to benefit our customers. For my part, I would like to thank once again all our users for their trust and choice of our products.

    Taking this opportunity, I wish you all success and well-being in the upcoming New Year! Let the wishes come true and the dreams come true!

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