We write and reduce the album under Linux (Ubuntu 16.04, Ardour, Hydrogen, Kontakt)

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Hi, with you again the band that records and mixes songs on licensed, mostly free software. This time - in video format + links to project files in Ardour. In the previous series:

  1. How we created the single on Ubuntu Studio 13.10
  2. How we did a single on Ubuntu Studio 14.04
  3. Wedding night with Ardour 4.0 + Calf 0.0.60 new lv2 plug-in review
  4. Build your drum library for Hydrogen drum machines + projects in Ardour 4.6

Video from our sound maker:

Results are available under CC BY 4.0. You can download and listen to Jamendo . Download and touch projects here .

Since then, another mini-album has been released , where nothing new (except for the iron compressor for vocals) has been used, it has been sharpened, and the sound is better there.

Separately, I note the plug-in for correcting GSnap's vocals from GVST - it was this thing that we saved the vocals in places where it was far from the right note.

The sound card is new - Roland Rubix 44. The card is excellent. The compressor is suitable mainly for voice. Under Windows, there are problems when working with non-ASIO input. Everything works under Linux.

We also had to release material about how we made a clip for open source software, but it will not. In short, our conclusion at the moment - do not make a clip under the ACT. Video editors seem to have been brought to mind, and perhaps the same brainwashing Blender would have coped with everything - but more and more clear video editors (Openshot, Shotcut, Kdenlive) pleased us with suddenly broken projects, changes in track locations. Two of them could not cope with the transitions between pieces of video lasting less than a second. Bugs and problems surfaced in unexpected places. In general, somehow finished the project of the first clip. And the second was already mounted on the purchased Sony Vegas.

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