Winter internship for mobile developers at Redmadrobot

    Ho ho ho, Habr! We are launching the fifth winter internship for developers at the Moscow office of Redmadrobot. We are waiting for your applications until January 10 inclusive. We start practicing on January 31, we are waiting for a rich 7-8 weeks.

    What to expect from the internship

    • We give the most relevant and necessary skills
    • Materials from real projects
    • Two separate working groups: iOS and Android
    • Full-time evening classes at Swift / Kotlin three times a week from 18:30 to 20:30
    • Difficult and interesting homework
    • Acquaintance with the company's internal cuisine

    And, according to tradition, the opportunity to join the ranks of robots for those who are with us on the wave.

    What is in the program

    The internship is full-time and consists of lectures and seminars where you can apply new knowledge in practice.


    • MVC, MVP, MVVM and SOA in iOS and Android applications
    • Appropriate and proper use of design patterns
    • Reuse Development
    • Keeping the codebase clean and up to date after every WWDC and Google I / O
    • Bind or not Bind
    • Android Architecture Components
    • And, of course, Clean Architecture


    • Literate approach to multithreading in Android
    • From NSOperation to OSAtomic and POSIX in iOS


    • Model of threats: how to protect gullible users from themselves
    • Connection security between client and server
    • Good practices for encrypting and storing data on the device
    • OWASP Mobile Top-10
    • Root on Android, how to live with it and write safe applications
    • Reverse engineering Android applications


    • How to become a UI-Jedi and AutoLayout-Ninja.
    • Utilities that we wrote to facilitate the work itself

    Assembly automation

    • How builds work in Xcode: Targets, schemes, configurations and workspaces
    • Automation with Fastlane

    Client-server interactions

    • Database device and how it concerns us
    • REST, designing good APIs
    • Efficient interaction with the inhouse-team backend

    Communication in production

    • How to communicate with BA, DES, QA and not go crazy
    • Business processes outside of development: test cases, cutting and other points of contact

    Internships are conducted by the best technical specialists of Redmadrobot: Artem Kulakov Fi5t , Alexander Ignatiev ignition_inc , Nina Dmitrieva Firedru , Ivan Vavilov vani2 , Arthur Sakharov mc_murphy and others.

    Who are we waiting for

    Someone who already has experience in mobile development, but wants to sort it all out.
    Who writes the code best of all and thinks where to grow further.
    Who is not the best, but surely strives for it.

    Internship assumes part-time employment - three times a week for two hours (from 18:30 to 20:30).

    Internship is not paid. With the best interns, we are ready to discuss further employment with Redmadrobot.

    How to apply

    Fill out the questionnaire before January 10 inclusive ( iOS or Android ).

    If you do not have time

    No problem. Developers with experience, we invite for an interview.

    We invite developers with a little experience on their platform for an internship next year or, if by that time you already have some real skills, come immediately for an interview.

    We invite the fastest and the best to the internship.

    The results of the selection will be reported on January 11. If you have never received letters and mailings from us, look in the "spam" and "promo" - anything can happen.

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