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    In the summer, we made a selection of IT series (and hackers) in our Lanitov blog , and now, on the eve of the New Year, the time has come for a full meter. Such “Top 10 IT films” appear about once a year, and the list there is about the same: “Hackers” with Jolie, “Swordfish” Password and “The Matrix”.

    Speaking of the latter. With all due respect to the Wachowski siblings and trilogies, we still would not attribute The Matrix to films about IT people or hackers. The fact that Mr. Anderson works as a programmer, and outside of work a little hackerit, yet is not the plot outline of the film. We risk to renew the old holivar, but the “Matrix” is cyberpunk. Counter arguments are welcome.

    So, about the selection. We decided to offer you films fresher. Under the cat there is no Jolie and the famous scene from “Password" Swordfish ", but there are films about IT, supercomputers, and information security, most of which were released in 2010–2018.

    Frame from the film "Upgrade"

    The Fifth Power / The Fifth Estate (2013)


    The story of WikiLeaks, in which the role of Assange performed Benedict Cumberbatch.

    The fact that information in our world has become as powerful an instrument of influence as money, weapons and power in large offices is a fact. The importance of checking any information for accuracy and its proper use in general is also understandable.

    The film is an attempt to put the history of the most famous portal, which publishes secret information and secret archives, into an artistic stream. An attempt, by the way, is not the most unambiguous. When Julian was shown the first version of the script, apparently, like “Assandzh, we made a movie about you, look, it all happened that way,” Julian looked after and said that everything was all about propaganda and lies here. But then he changed his anger to mercy a bit and helped Benedict with the role, giving valuable advice by email (with personal meetings he still hadn’t much).

    To watch the

    Fans of Benedict or Assange. Lovers of conspiracies and when these conspiracies reveal. For those who love scripts about riots and opposition to systems.

    Who does not look

    Those who both frankly do not like. Or one of them. People who believe that state secrets are state secrets in order to always remain state secrets. Those who believe that this is in principle impossible to shift to the documentary, and there will be a lot of fiction that puts an end to the phrase "Based on real events."

    Ghost in the Shell (2017)


    Yes, we did a great job and didn’t include the “Matrix” in the list, because it’s a cyberpunk, but we’ve turned on the “Ghost”, because it’s a cyberpunk. This film is lobbied in the list of the male part of our internal edition, and that is why the option with Scarlett was chosen, and not other screen versions.

    Briefly and without spoilers, the world of the future has made cybernetics such a common thing that compared to it, attempts to brew tea in the morning may turn out to be a much more exciting and unexpected process.

    A girl named Mira (Scarlett, yes) wakes up in the lab, where the sympathetic doctor explains to her that she received a series of injuries as a result of the terrorist attack, which replaced her body with an artificial one, and now she is a combat cyborg.

    Mira is becoming part of an elite counterterrorism squad, whose main activity is the search for the highest level scoundrels and their methodical elimination.

    But it would have been too boring a film if it had not begun - strange events, unexpected “failures” of Mira herself and, as a result, a desire to find out what really happened to her and who she is.

    Who to watch

    Scarlett Fans who watched the Avengers just because of her spectacular landings. Lovers of cyberpunk and manga. Those who love books and films about the formation of a hero and about his attempts to learn something about himself.

    Who does not look

    Those who do not understand what the hell the people rushing from Scarlett. People who consider manga and everything that is created according to it, children's comics. Viewers that cyberpunk already had time to pall finally.

    Cyber ​​/ Blackhat (2015)


    Another example of localization of translation and creativity of our distributors. Well, not “Black panama” - and that is good.

    One of those films where Hemsworth is not Thor and not Hunter Eric.

    A hacker with a not very good reputation and a train of all sorts of cybercrime becomes the only hope of US intelligence to save the world. The threat, of course, is also a hacker, but not so charismatic.

    Who to look for

    Tom, who in the "Avengers" looked not at Scarlett, but at Chris. Connoisseurs of creativity of Michael Mann (the old man shot "The Battle" by De Niro-Pacino and many more ). Those who got it that the hackers in the films are either pimply youths or fat men in stretched sweaters with a strange beard. Here, a hacker can quite afford a hard-rezet good hook to the right.

    Who does not watch

    Tom, who has already seen the film, where a hacker with a bitsuha saves the world from a hacker without bitsuhi

    Die Hard 4 / Live free or die hard 4 (2007)


    John McClain once again saves the world. This time - from cyber threats.

    A former employee of the Ministry of Defense and part-time computer genius designs evil, and McClein is sent to neutralize him.

    No matter how cool Timothy Olyphant (“The Hitman”, “Deadwood”, “Justice”) was, Willis's coolness has been growing for years. Therefore, here is the name of Willis on the poster - this is a spoiler about who will win.

    Terrible hacker decides to lure McClein to his side, and when he refuses, in a couple of clicks deprives John of pensions for all the years in the police service. The Russian guy would have laughed in the face of such a hacker, but John is not like that.

    And then there are the villains decide to destroy all the stereotypes and take McClain's daughter hostage.

    To watch the

    fans of Willis. To admirers of his passion for destruction - and here the combat plane is shot down by a truck. Combat aircraft By truck. Almost. Those who in childhood and adolescence had VHS with the first parts of the "Nut".

    Who does not look

    Tom, who just does not like the classic American action films with chases and victory Willis.

    Snowden / Snowden (2016)


    Another feature film in the compilation, based on real events and related to the personality of the person who decided to reveal state secrets. Snowden needs no introduction. How reliably his story is told is only up to him, but how interesting and spectacular is the viewer.

    Who to look at

    About the same viewers as in the list of "Fifth Power". Well, lovers of creativity Oliver Stone, the film he made.

    Who does not look

    Opponents of Snowden or Gordon-Levitt.

    On the hook / Eagle eye / Eagle eye (2008)


    In 2007, Shia LaBouf removed the first "Transformers" and gets the most valuable skill to skid with the wildest cry from any threat.

    In 2008, the Eagle Eye comes out on the screens, where it turns out to run as fervently. The tape is quite dynamic. Hero Shayi suddenly gets a pile of cash, checking his account. After returning home, he discovers a pair of weapon boxes. While he is wondering what to do with this, they are calling on his phone and unobtrusively offering to run.

    In general, this situation continues until the end of the film, the plot of which revolves around a supercomputer, which decided that the government’s activities had become harmful for the country.

    Like any self-respecting supercomputer, ARIIA prefers to solve the problem drastically and simply cut out all the members of the government just in case.

    Who to watch

    Lovers of films about the uprising of machines, total surveillance, supercomputers and human ingenuity that slid out of the electronic system. The one who was amused by Jason Bourne's Russian passport in a series of films about him.

    Who does not look to

    Tom, who constantly in such films supports the supercomputer.

    Excellence / Transcendence ( 2014 )


    Depp's hero and his colleagues are developing to create artificial intelligence and a supercomputer that could accommodate human consciousness and repeatedly strengthen it.

    Greens resent such an inhuman experiment and humanly thrust a bullet with polonium into a scientist. Thereby spurring the experiment. If, before being wounded, the scientist had a choice whether to force the experiment further or not, then after him the choice was no longer necessary. Will's body (Depp's hero) surrenders after a while, but colleagues use his work and unload his mind into a supercomputer.

    For some time, Will’s personality is mastered on fresh disks, and then it starts - he earns a lot of money on the stock exchange, buys a city in the desert, which turns it into a huge solar cell farm, and a high-tech bunker to expand its capabilities.

    Next - a global network, nanotechnology, followers and evangelists, whose consciousness is also transferred to the network controlled by Will.
    Clearly, all this action becomes dangerous, and people again decide to rezetnut another supercomputer.

    Who to watch

    Tom, who always thought that Depp played only Captain Jack Sparrow. Lovers of stories about supercomputers and people trying to neutralize them. Those who are interested in cine projections of the future of nanotechnology.

    Who does not look

    To the one who just watched 2-3 films about the opposition of people to supercomputers.

    Who am I / Who Am I (2014)


    The history of the formation of a hacker. As usual, he lived a guy and a bit tugil, was nobody and his name was in any way. Until I met a more fervent guy, with whom I turned a couple of hacker pieces for a couple. Yes, so notably turned, that the hacker community immediately recognized him cool and threw caps into the air.

    Intelligence agencies, of course, included him on the list of the most wanted hackers in the world.

    Who to watch

    Tom who loves German movies. People who, in principle, look at all about hackers. Those who liked "Fight Club".

    Who does not watch

    Tom, who from the German cinema prefers only films about gardeners. Who is tired of the fact that hackers in films are constantly hackers at night, and in the light of the day some sad losers.

    Anon / Anon (2018)


    A world in which every passer-by in the eye has a camera, and everyone knows everything about everyone. The work of the police is even easier than the guys from the "Special Opinion". There, even knowing the future, it was necessary all the same to reach the place in time and preventively unscrew the villain. And here in general it is enough to post factum check all possible entries and just find out exactly what happened.

    For everything is written at all.

    But it would be boring if the dark horse did not appear in the frame in the form of a girl who is not in the archives at all. Such an unexpected guy makes one detective even temporarily distract from alcoholism and go investigate everything in the old manner.

    Who to watch

    For those who love dystopia. Of course, not "Equilibrium". But this is Netflix.

    Who does not look

    Tired of dystopias and films about total control.

    Upgrade / Upgrade (2018)


    Cyberpunk in low budget. Usually in such cases, either garbage is removed, and then the creators are justified by a low budget, or something good, with an emphasis on the plot and dynamics, so that the budget becomes something secondary.

    Did the creators of the cyberpunk action movie “Upgrade” succeed? Let every viewer decide for himself.

    And the tape is about.

    The protagonist named Gray Treys, who in the world of all-penetrating gadgets and technologies prefer to restore old cars, gets into trouble, as a result of which bad people kill his spouse and make him disabled by shooting through the spine.

    One of Gray's clients, whom he helped with rare cars, decides to help. Help is to implant an experimental chip that returns Gray to mobility. An additional chip chip is not only the complete restoration of nerve conduction, but also the presence of artificial intelligence in the chip. That, of course, not weakly pumps Gray's physical abilities.

    And it is logical that after such an upgrade Gray decides not only to return to a full life of a healthy person, but also to find the very gangsters and rightly punish them.

    To watch

    Fans of films about fair retribution ("The Punisher" and the like). Fans of cyberpunk (real fans, not lovers of high-budget pictures, here with this a little different). Those who are interested in the idea of ​​cooperation between a person and a symbiont in his body, be it a chip with AI or a xeno-organism.

    Who does not watch

    Tom, for whom the main component of any film - the budget and a great picture. Tired of cyberpunk.

    A bonus for those who are upset that there are no domestic films in the compilation.

    Of course, we could miss some of the fresh full-lengths that deserve attention, but if you want to add to the list in the comments, we will be happy.

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