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    podcastWeb Standards podcast, Release №152: Community in Kazan, Chrome 72, i18n, monopoly, SVG and too complex CSS, build and ES modules.
    podcastFive-Minute React podcast # 51 - 18 facts about Vue.js up to 2018
    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast # 84 - Pavel Chertorogov about GraphQL obsession and the state of the IT industry in Almaty
    podcast“Devshakhta Podcast” # 62: What fronteender can help devops product
    RadioJSpodcast podcast # 54: New Year 's Eve . Svelte, Vue, news and trends
    podcastPodcast "Frontend Youth (18+)" # 77 Fish rot from the head and the site from the footer
    podcastPodcast "CSSSR",News 512 - Issue No. 32 ( December 17 - December 23 )
    video“ALL YOUR HTML” # s2e2: “ Decompilation, Shaders”
    videoNordic.js 2018 , 29 videos

    Web development

    habrWhy is the web so complicated?
    habrFit tutorials on YouTube
    Available SVG icons with inline sprites
    List of conferences hosting Russian-language reports on frontend
    enNo reason to use pointer-events for HTML elements
    enProcessing broken images using service worker
    enService Workies - Learn all the advantages of service workers using an interactive game
    enRelease Bootstrap 4.2.1


    habrThe philosophy of the CSS
    Basics of CSS: block model
    enHow to make a move on a curve Ising (Easing Curve) in reverse
    enFragmented, but developing state the CSS-in-JS
    enStyling Select as if today 2019
    enFighting FOIT and FOUT
    enthe Generic First CSS: Mobile First Thinking
    enGoogle Fonts and font-display
    enLess known CSS properties explained in GIFs
    enRegarding CSS global scope


    habrJavascript frameworks: trends of 2019
    habrECMAScript modules in Node.js: new plan
    habrExperiments with neural interfaces on JavaScript
    Release of Electron 4.0.0, an application development platform based on the Chromium engine
    enPyramid of Getter-Setter in JavaScript
    enThe most popular JavaScript frameworks for developers in 2019
    enNew free “Functions” guide in “Programming Fundamentals” (51 challenges with solutions)
    enJavaScript features: clean way to change global prototypes


    It became known why Microsoft is switching to Chromium
    enHas Google really sabotaged Edge performance on YouTube?
    New release of Firefox Focus web browser.
    enChrome 72 Beta: public class fields, user activation, and more.


    Cryptoracle or fork psychology
    AI trend review for 2019
    Facebook plans to create its own cryptocurrency for WhatsApp
    Google+, Theranos, Cashbury and others - which companies and services closed in 2018
    What to expect from IoT in 2019?
    Such different computers: about the smallest and most productive

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