FrontFest.Keynote - Blaine Cook (creator of OAuth) and Mateus Fernandez (CTO Zeit)

    FrontFest.Keynote - Blaine Cook and Mateus Fernandez

    Kinoout performances set the mood or draw some line. At CodeFest, we have been committed to this tradition for four years. The program always has something that inspires people not only with its technical component, but with its approach and ideas.

    In recent years, we have opened conferences with technology stories. They closed it with stories about positive thinking and overcoming unpleasant moments in life and work.

    At FrontFest, we continue this tradition. In the beginning, the creator of the OAuth protocol, Blaine Cook, talks about how to balance the reliability and complexity of authorization. The conference will be closed by the report of 22-year-old vice president of technology at ZEIT - how much more important is the desire to work in IT than higher education.

    Keynote is a "key" performance. In our case, these are reports of people with unique experience who will disperse the conference at the beginning and close it so that you leave with new forces, ideas and thoughts. For such important matters as the opening and closing of the conference, we invited speakers who have never been to Russia.

    You have entered the wrong password! - Blaine Cook

    Blaine cookBlaine Cook is one of the first Twitter developers. He managed to work at Yahoo on the Fire Eagle location sharing service, and later founded Poetica , a collaborative content editing service.
    He is mainly known as the creator of the OAuth protocol, an open authorization protocol. You use this protocol every time you log in to a resource using your favorite social network. All the projects that Blaine had worked on reflect his main interest - to expand the possibilities of communication and the safe exchange of information on the Internet.

    Blaine Cook will open the FrontFest conference with his speech on creating convenient and reliable services, using the example of open authentication. Do not wait for stories about encryption and cryptographic strength. Blaine will show the task from the side where convenience and simplicity come first, and tell you how developers and designers can work together better to help users.

    The Journey to the Best Job in the World - Mateus Fernandez

    Mateus FernandezIf you are a React lover, then you must have heard about Next.js. This is a small framework created by ZEIT, which, in addition, also made Now - a console application that easily allows you to deploy JavaScript and Docker applications from the console. We will close the conference with the story of the technical director of this company.

    Never before has such a young movie-speaker come out: Mateus Fernandez, at 22, is not only an active participant in the open source community (among those where he participated - Kap ), but also CTO of an international startup.

    A guy from Brazil who dreamed of living and working in San Francisco, creating cool applications, was tormented for many months by the dilemma of continuing his studies at an unloved university and graduating or giving all his strength to his beloved open source. Despite the disapproval of acquaintances, he still quit the university and in ten months he went from an expelled student to vice president of technology at ZEIT.
    Mateus will talk about how to find strength and motivation in his speech.

    What's next

    Get acquainted with our program , look for a topic to your liking. To make it easier to figure it out, we wrote detailed articles about our sections: JAVASCRIPT , VYORSTKA and MIX , learned how the Spotify frontend is living and tortured our speakers with questions about trends, technologies and hobbies.

    Come, it will be awesome!

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