How much does Review in AppStore cost

    There are no tutorials and ads on Avito. This is not written on Habré (already written?). A review of your application, although it could be unfair, was clearly incorruptible. Or so it seemed to you?
    If you follow the competitors, or, God forbid, you invest your strength in another horoscope application, then you are faced with violations of competitors of hydlines. I will tell what I know.

    Do not rush to minus karma. Proof is at the end. But first we need to clarify how hydlines violate, what are the ways to do this. Maybe it's a convenience shop? To the point.

    I'm sure some developer who released another free calculator was in despair when he saw this state of affairs. A divorce for subscriptions, by the way, still lives!
    I will talk a lot about horoscopes, palmistry, sports betting ... These are kind of forbidden-sweet apps in the AppStore. For those who have not encountered and do not understand, I will do a little educational program. Review in the AppStore:

    I will not give a link to the application, you will find a bunch of them. At first it may seem that the user was really offended and in fact stole $ 25. But according to Apple’s rules, in order to postpone debiting money from a user, you need to complete a couple of points:

    • Create a subscription with a trial period
    • Add subscription text by template to the application description and to the application itself
    • Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
    • Specify what will happen after the end of the free period next to its activation

    If you are an attentive user, and the developer is honest, the user could avoid the trick. Nevertheless, many developers manipulate and hide that after the free period there will be an automatic cancellation of the subscription fee (and the amount is not small, as you understand). Obviously, no horoscope prediction can cost $ 25 a week . So let's call it a hoax.

    According to this scheme, many applications are built. If you do not cancel the subscription, you will lose another payment. The presence of such applications does not prove anything (why, read on).

    But there is another conditionally safe, but forbidden topic in the AppStore - sports and casino bets. Without certificates, tests for anthrax and dancing around a fire, in the flame of which appears the face of Tim Cook, this application is not published. With what it is connected, we will not understand, it is more interesting how the prohibitions bypass.

    I draw your attention that everything described below is an introductory material only. I urge not to violate the hydraulics of any of the platforms.

    How to deceive the reviewer

    Do not forget, we are not looking for a working solution, but simply analyze what can be done logically. And analyze only in theory.

    Postponed flag: I came up with the concept myself. You send the application for review in the 20th, and from the 25th, your “forbidden” function is activated. It is also possible to check the verification on the server.
    Checking the region: Validating the region, and for what we need we show the “private function”
    Checking the IP: If the region is simple, let's do a check via ip. The essence is the same.

    Localization in code: Hiding localization files. Text from the application can be transferred to the code

    . This ends the fantasy. Suppose all items are working. It will explain a lot: how the “ Try it for free ” button appears”Without description and cost. How hidden functions of downloading from Instagram (also prohibited) appear in repost applications. Developer cheated, and overlooked overlooked. After some time, the application will be deleted, but the prank was a success . It turns out you can not bribe the reviewer, but the applications were cheated during the review?

    Let's go further. Have you tried to publish an application without adding subscription information to the description? This is definitely a reject metadata. And here I am now a couple found in the AppStore. Moreover, one of the popular horoscope apps is still being updated!

    How do pseudo casinos appear? Scoring in the search for 1x you will find ...

    Yes, this can not be!The icon, the name is still clear ... Sports betting from an account for an individual developer can not be published! And the name and icon leave no chance of justification ... A thought creeps in, maybe a reviewer can be bought off?

    So how much does a review in the AppStore?

    Yes, you can buy it. I ran into this about a year ago, when a friend's application was returned after deletion. Returned the next day! I, as a developer, became interested. I'll tell you about prices: the application with the article 4.2 reject - Design or Minimum Functionality was released for $ 100. For fraud subscriptions asked for up to $ 500. For bets and casinos ask from $ 1000.

    I witnessed warnings about the impending removal of the application. As you can imagine, just spreading mail or coffee across an Apple campus isn’t. This vector of development, according to my humble speculations, is curtailed. If you deceive a user once, you will deprive him of the experience of buying quality applications, and in the future you will only scare away buying digital goods. And in the CIS in general this (buying applications) is not accepted and still causes laughter.

    This is a provocation! You have to do it

    One comment made me think about it - some people read the article diagonally and want to see proofs. I will try to explain: the article itself, its order is analysis and proof . In the beginning we looked at what tricks are , namely fraud with subscriptions. After you figured out that it can be done without bribing anyone. Nevertheless, they found 1x applications, but they could not even appear in theory!

    I am attaching another proof, take a close look at the time:

    For skeptics I will leave the question - what other proof do you want to see? No, I'm serious.
    From one of the users I received a message saying:

    - I can’t check it myself, I don’t believe it

    It is right. I showed applications that openly violate guidelines. You yourself will easily find them. Do not believe me, but it is worth thinking, isn't it?

    Instead of conclusions

    I do not advise using such services. More likely to be deceived, even more likely to lose the edge and break openly. Apple's check is not so much for Apple itself. This is a good filter that supports conditional application quality.

    Almost always, receiving an erroneous Reject - I wrote a large message in the Resolution Center, shot a video on how to use the application, and spoke in broken English for whom it was. It helped.

    PS I recently published a new Pod , repeating the controller from Apple Music. How to integrate it into a project can be seen in the video on YouTube .

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