Apple patent for electric cars

    “Before thinking about solving future problems, learn to cope with today's for the shortest time and with greater efficiency.” (P. Drucker)

    So, the patent from “Yabloko” looks like this:

    The device is called “Peloton”, and is a retractable roboruku-charging cable.

    According to the developers, the system should provide the connection of two electric vehicles on the go. As a result, there will be a redistribution of energy flow between electric vehicles, and the slave vehicle will spend less energy due to driving in the leader’s “aerodynamic bag”.

    What else can I add? It is best to compare and understand “how it will work” to see Tesla's automatic charging video.

    Now imagine this Tesla "Snake" (snake) in the trunk of your electric car!

    Perhaps this is how the idea came for the Apple patent (I could be wrong, but as for me it is a very clear analogy).

    Further, it is probably worth considering the shortcomings of the "snake"

    1. Worn vertebrae of a snake will affect the safety of this compound.
    2. High voltage cable worn inside the snake due to constant bends
    3. Coordination of robo-charging movements during the trip

    The wear of the bent elements at this stage will be solved technologically simply if the 3rd defect is solved.

    The experience of Hollywood filming, namely the Russian Arm technology, is best suited for this .

    The advantage of the "snake" will continue to be that the connection to the "socket" occurs without human intervention. Considering the prospect of an increase in the charge current, this is not an unimportant moment.

    Of course, this principle of charge will be useful for an ordinary electric car, but for a start it is better to use it on less maneuverable vehicles. For example, on Platooning-e trucks .
    The use of the principle of energy transfer in motion can only be called on vehicles.

    Aircraft uses the refueling in the air.

    There is a special cable on the trains that connects the electrical system of the car with the on-board network of the entire electric locomotive for heating the cars if there is not enough energy from the generator and the battery.
    PS - I was very surprised by the fact that a patent for a hand-charging was filed by a company that does not even own a car. This convinces me even more that there is a crisis of ideas that really solve motor transport problems. This state of affairs usually indicates an approach to the frontier of radical changes in the industry. More information on overcoming this crisis will be in the next 2 articles.

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