Conference DUMP-2019: we invite you to speak in the sections Design, Management and Testing

    Hello! The ninth conference of the Ural developers, designers, testers and managers of DUMP will be held on April 19 in Yekaterinburg. This year we are preparing 8 sections: Backend, Frontend, Mobile, Testing and QA, Devops, Design, Science and Management. Plus master classes, dedicated areas for communication with speakers and afterparty.

    In the previous post, we described what topics we are looking for for the Backend, Frontend, and Science sections. In this post - the topics that we want to discuss in the sections Design, Management and Testing. Below are all the details.

    What is DUMP

    For those who do not know, DUMP (Development. Usability. Management. Practice) is the largest developer conference, which has been held in Yekaterinburg since 2011. In 2018, she gathered 1,500 people from Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Ufa, Kurgan, Moscow, Izhevsk, Perm and other cities.

    Last year, we were made by Grigory Bakunov (Yandex), Alexey Akulovich (VKontakte), Sergey Abdulmanov (Mosigra), Alexey Savvateev (CEMI RAS), Alexander Burt, Zarema Khalilova (Uploadcare), Alexey Migutsky (Microsoft), Seryozha Popov (HTML Academy), Oleg Anastasyev (Odnoklassniki) and 37 more cool speakers.

    All videos of last year's reports can be viewed on our YouTube channel . Separately laid out presentations andphotos .

    Program Committee of Management, Design and Testing

    Program directors invite speakers, review applications, select the most useful and interesting ones, help the speakers prepare, arrange rehearsals for performances and do everything possible to make an excellent program.

    Co-founder SoftMediaLab Alexander Karabasov and project manager at Contour Denis Onishchenko prepare reports for managers, team leaders and directors of IT companies .

    This year's design reports are being prepared by Jet Style director, UX / UI-evangelist Alexey Kulakov and art director Byndysoft Andrey Shapiro .

    The “Testing” section is made by a cool team of Ekaterinburg testers: Evgeny Sabirov (HOST), Dmitry Yakin(Kontur), one of the founders of the Ural testers community, Anastasia Ronzhina (Kontur), and Yaugenia Azanova, software engineer at Naumen .

    I want to speak at DUMP-2019

    Program directors of the sections described topics that are of interest to us. If you have something to say on one of the topics below and you want to speak, write to us. Any format is possible: sectional report (40 min), blitz report (10-20 minutes), master class. Applications are accepted until February 20.

    If you have not seen any topic in the list, but want to speak with her, please contact us anyway. Perhaps the program committee will decide that the report will be super-useful and include it in the program.

    The topics of the Backend, Frontend and Science sections are in a previous post .


    This year, as usual, we will discuss communication topics and management issues for development teams, but there will be relatively new blocks.

    • Product Management: Let's talk about the concepts of СasDev, Customer Journey Map and Jobs to be Done. We will tell the theory and share the real cases of companies that are already practicing. If you are still inventing your product "out of your head" - be sure to come, go completely updated!
    • Entering foreign markets. Success stories and failures, lifehacks and rakes. There will be a story about how to find customers in the US and how (do not) build sales abroad.
    • Developer motivation system: successful and unsuccessful cases. If you have something to share on this topic - send a request for a report!
    • Block "Psychology for tmlid". There will be topics about professional burnout, about the role of a manager in resolving conflicts in a team, and applied - how to evaluate not only professional skills, but also personal qualities.

    If you have real experience on any of these topics, and there is a fire in your chest to share it - write to us! Applications for all other topics in the management section, we are also ready to consider, send, talk! :)

    One of the best reports from last year’s section - “Evaluating the effectiveness of developers: from junior to star” by Igor Ustyuzhanin (Contour)


    We want to talk about what we ourselves are in the zone of proximal development. Therefore, we have collected from familiar art directors and design leads topics that they themselves would like to listen to, without particularly looking at whether there is anyone to read them.

    Why did we do that? Firstly, it is interesting to listen about what does not yet have a reliable answer - this is guaranteed to be a fresh and developing topic. Secondly, we think that there will be people in the community who can uncover a new topic if they clearly understand that they are waiting for it.

    Will we take reports outside of these topics? Yes of course. But we will look exactly at this factor - as far as the topic is in the zone of the nearest development of the design community.

    So topics:

    • Creativity and aesthetics. How to organize a learning zone at work? How to raise the bar in aesthetics at the team / company level?
    • How to develop and train designers (for design leads) and how a designer to develop himself so as not to remain an eternal strong middling.
    • Artificial intelligence in the work of the designer. Symbiosis for now and for the next 5 years.
    • Facilitation of meetings by the designer - how to teach.
    • Designer income: what they pay for. Enhance models.
    • Scaling a team / product. How to preserve and transfer the culture created in a small company.
    • JDTB method (field practices, method comparison).
    • Design Ops in the product. Establishing design operations to scale a product.
    • Caring for the interface in a developing product.
    • Service design: tools and practices.
    • Work with images.
    • Applied work with fonts in interfaces.

    Let the descriptive and review topics pass us by. Send applications about your practices and solutions applied tasks.

    Last year, on a heap of examples, Sergey Abdulmanov explained the specific differences between the clear text for the interface

    Testing and QA

    This year, the section changed its name and became larger, which means it’s time to talk not only about testing as quality control, but also to discuss things more seriously - how to ensure this quality.

    What are your plans?

    • Functional and non-functional testing tools;
    • Skills of searching for vulnerabilities in web applications;
    • Master classes - for those who like to leave the conference with practical knowledge and skills;
    • Management of the testing team and ways to solve career twists and turns - for thinking about vertical growth in the profession;
    • What is testing now and after 5 years - for ambitious testers (or just dreaming fans);
    • Verbal duels, round tables, other experiments with the format - for those who are tired of the word "conference".

    Send applications for blitz reports (up to 20 minutes), technical and hardcore reports (up to 45 minutes) and master classes (up to 4 hours).

    At last year’s section, Arseny Batyrov (Badoo, Moscow) talked about tools for automating mobile applications from scratch, and then gave a master class in which in an hour and a half he taught listeners to deploy mobile application automation

    I want to participate

    Until February 19, you can buy a ticket at the lowest price - 5,000 rubles. Then the price will rise to 6000 rubles.

    Very soon the first speakers and reports will appear, follow the program on the conference website .

    See you at DUMP-2019!

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