Google showed a new generation of backpacks Street View Trekker


    A few years ago, Google Street View’s coverage began to expand from street panoramas to almost any place on earth, and all thanks to the Trekker program in which Street View cameras were able to be placed in a backpack. Today, Google announced an updated backpack Trekker, which is several times lighter and smaller. The previous generation of backpacks weighed about 20 kilograms .

    Not only the appearance has changed - Google notes that the new version has more powerful hardware installed, allowing you to shoot sharper and clearer panoramas (all thanks to improved cameras).


    “Like previous versions of the Trekker backpack, the new generation can be installed on cars, boats and even ziplines,” the company said in a statement. “It allows you to rent hard-to-reach places, as well as build maps in developing countries and cities.”

    Of course, you cannot buy Trekker to digitize your patio, but Google continues to provide them under the rental program . This program is open to organizations like travel agencies, NGOs, government agencies, educational institutions and research groups.

    It is likely that very soon you will be able to see new, more clear Street View panoramas from various hard-to-reach places. In the meantime, you can enjoy a virtual tour of Petra or the beaches of Christmas Island .

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