Webinar entry “How expert information and a malware prediction model help protect companies”

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The malware and IT security panorama has undergone major changes, and therefore corporate security will always change. Hackers dramatically improved their skills and capabilities, increasing the number of threats and making them much more complex, and new techniques allow threats to go unnoticed in corporate networks for a longer period of time than before.

The task of protecting an enterprise is a difficult task, because there can be hundreds or even thousands of computers in an enterprise’s corporate network, and an attacker only needs to hack one of them in order to carry out his malicious actions and achieve success. Security solution manufacturers have been working for decades and are constantly improving their products to protect computers from malicious infections.

At first it was quite simple, because the number of threats was small, and therefore it was enough to identify all the threats to ensure computer security. True, some of those threats were quite complex and constituted a “nightmare” for antivirus companies, because specialists and experts had to spend several days or even weeks to create a signature to detect them. The creators of such viruses were those people who tried to show their outstanding capabilities and talents - this was the only reason that prompted them to create malicious "creations".

As the Internet grew, another motive appeared: money. As soon as cyber criminals understood how to make financial profit from computer attacks, everything changed dramatically - now “virus scripting” becomes a professional and dynamically developing business. Now security vendors had to make adjustments again.

The volumes of new threats are growing exponentially. In the old days, a virus could travel for weeks or even months from Los Angeles to New York. Now, in a matter of seconds, the virus can spread from Washington to Tokyo.

Traditional antivirus approaches are essentially based on traditional black and white lists. For a long time, such approaches worked quite effectively, but in the era of modern threats, they should no longer be counted on. Cyber ​​criminals can try millions of times and not achieve a positive result, but as soon as they succeed, they win and achieve impressive results. These are not equal conditions, and security solutions must be constantly developed in order not only to keep up, but also to go one step ahead.

Fighting hackers is a tough battle for security solution manufacturers, but we know what needs to be done to deal with the most complex and unknown cyber attacks. Now this is just a matter of implementation, but for this, enterprises must understand how important information security is to them to achieve their business goals.

Below is a recording of a webinar on September 7, 2017 conducted by Luis Corrons, Technical Director of PandaLabs Antivirus Lab at Panda Security.

PS Webinar in English (for your convenience, you can enable subtitles).

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