Winter activities in the gaming industry in the HSE and Nastolka gamedev simulator

    I invite everyone reading this post to visit the winter open, and therefore free, gaming industry events at the Higher School of Business Informatics of the National Research University Higher School of Economics:

    Details under the cut:

    December 25 " Artificial Intelligence in the gaming industry "


    • How to find a middle ground in the complexity of the game?
    • How does Candy Crush use artificial intelligence?
    • How to teach the bot to play Candy Crush?
    • Pros and cons of AI bot?
    • What can a bot teach developers?


    Elena Bazina is a graduate of the Higher School of Economics in the Faculty of Media Communications 2014. She now works as a QA analyst at King in Stockholm. King is one of the world's leading social mobile gaming developers. At the moment, the company has released more than 200 games, including the largest gaming franchise in the world - CandyCrush.

    The beginning of December 25, 2018 at 19:00. Venue: st. Trifonovskaya, d.57, p. 1 (metro station Rizhskaya). Join the event on Facebook to follow the news of the meeting. The entrance to the lecture is free, but ONLINE REGISTRATION is required ! so that we add you to the entry lists.

    January 20 mini-concert on the game industry Gamedev.House. "

    From 12:00 and until the evening, guests of the event will be able to listen to reports from industry representatives, ask questions to the lecturers, get acquainted with the projects of indie developers presented on the showcase, and spend a whole day in the company of like-minded people - make friends and have useful contacts.


    • 12:00 - 13:30 - Tony Watkins, CEO of Electronic Arts Russia, The role of the individual in the gaming industry
    • 13:45 - 14:30 - Konstantin Sakhnov, Managing Partner of Datcroft, How to become a game designer: a guide from scratch
    • Sergey Golubkin, owner and director of Gemenot publishing house, ex-producer of Ubisoft, game development stages
    • 15:30 - 16:00 - break
    • 16:00 - 17:00 - ARPU.GURU Vokrshop - how to deconstruct games.
    • 17:15 - 18:00 - Sergey Zykov, Director of Marketing and Development of the Moscow Computer Sports Federation, Teach me, senpai! ”- or why marketers are always learning.

    Registration for a mini-conference: 11:30
    Start of the event: 12:00
    Venue: ul. Trifonovskaya, d.57, p. 1 (metro station Rizhskaya).
    Please bring an identity document with you. Do not forget to go ONLINE REGISTRATION! The event is absolutely free, but the number of seats is limited.

    Pre-ordered board game Game Dev Sim "

    The first board game in which ... you need to make a game finally saw the light! This desktop was developed as an educational program for the “Game Projects Management” educational program, and now has been released for a wide audience and has become available for pre-order on the publisher’s website . And as a New Year's gift until January 31, the game can be bought with a 25% discount, in a hurry to order!

    Game features

    • Simulator of the game studio, created by people who have passed all these circles of hell themselves. and more than once!
    • The success of the project depends only on your decisions. Show your managerial talent!
    • 60 real cases from real game dev studios. Full immersion in the process!
    • Each batch will be unique - specialists in the labor market, the composition and order of situations, your project and its features ... replayability at a height!
    • Fascinating gameplay - a dynamic change in the situation, entirely dependent on the actions of the players. do not come off!
    • And of course corporate gemdev-humor.

    See you at our events!

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