Culture feedback: how not to slide to the charges

    Quality feedback on time signals how well we are moving towards the goal, whether we need to correct the course or change the speed. Or in general, urgently move in the opposite direction and change the mode of transport. Kontur Corporate University recorded a video about major OS errors, how to avoid them and not spoil relations with colleagues.

    The rules, which will be discussed, work in all spheres of our life. When properly applied, they will help to provide an effective and mutually useful feedback.

    In order for a feedback to motivate correcting errors, rather than plunge a person into the abyss of despair, it must be:

    • Clear. Give specific facts and examples, designate what result you expect in return.
    • Balanced and supportive. Mark negative and positive facts, express support and confidence that a person will be able to correctly try on the OS.
    • Timely. Sound the OS, while the memories are fresh, better not later than 3 days after the event.
    • Focused on the main thing. Disassemble the most important and repeated errors.
    • Relevant. Criticize in private, but support and encourage publicly.
    • In the form of a dialogue. It is important to involve the interlocutor in the conversation, to request his vision, to be in eye contact.

    Perfect feedback is a dialogue of two equal experts. Where everyone is interested in the opinion of the interlocutor, has a desire to decide how to proceed, and wants to change the situation. Participants in such a conversation not only exchange views, but also inspire further interaction, which promises to be comfortable and productive.

    We wrote in October about how the OS gives contour testers . Loyal to you words and high-quality feedback!

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