Upsource 2017.2 came out with support for external code inspections, Python, NPM and much more

    Hello! We have great news - Upsource 2017.2 has been released! In this release, we added a number of the most frequently requested features, and, as usual, improved the existing functionality. Let's see what got into this release.

    Support for external code inspections

    If you use the code inspections built into TeamCity based on ReSharper or IntelliJ IDEA, or use SonarQube inspections, you can now benefit from them. Upsource 2017.2 can show the results of such an analysis in its UI, along with the results of the built-in inspections. Code review becomes a little easier if you can immediately see what new potential problems this particular change has brought.

    ReSharper Inspections at Upsource

    Python support

    Code navigation and static analysis, similar to those already available for Java, JavaScript, PHP and Kotlin, are now available for Python projects. This functionality helps you better understand the changes in the project and understand what potential problems could sneak into these changes, or how you can further improve the quality of the code.

    Python support


    Quite often, discussions come to the conclusion that there is no need for a detailed answer, but you still need to somehow respond to the comment. In order to save time for yourself and others in such situations, we have added a small set of reactions.


    GitLab Support

    We are pleased to announce that now you can create a code review for GitLab merge requests in Upsource.

    NPM support

    We have improved “Go to declaration” and “Find usages” for JavaScript code. Upsource now installs the dependencies listed in package.json.

    NPM support

    Hint for creating Code Review

    Using statistical analysis, Upsource is now able to tell which code review the new change refers to.

    Code Review Hint

    A few game elements

    In order to diversify the routine and make familiarization with the product a little more entertaining, we added a system of achievements. At this stage, their selection is limited, but this is only the beginning!


    And much more

    You can find out about the other new Upsource features on the product page .

    You can download the product from here ; see prices here, and you can follow the latest news by subscribing to the Upsource Twitter account .

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