With a new (IT) "year" of you, friends

    Somehow it went unnoticed that a few hours ago a new "era" began, at least on our pieces of iron of all stripes.

    I didn’t overreact, if that ...
    PoC (a few hours ago):

    $ date +%s
    $ date +%s
    $ date +%s

    Little anniversary, for we exchanged a half lard seconds from the beginning of times eras.

    Therefore, the holiday of all! Cold and tasty beer! A codeless code! Quietly rustling iron! And let the virus bypass you!

    The next new era (1,600,000,000) will take place in three human years, namely, "Sun Sep 13 12:26:40 GMT 2020".

    The next anniversary second will count only in "Wed May 18 03:33:20 GMT 2033" and will exchange two billion already.

    How will it all turn out ...

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