5 interesting ICOs in September 2017: lead generation, online payments and restaurant search

    ICO is becoming an increasingly effective tool for attracting financing for IT projects - thus, companies in 2017 already “ raised ” more than one and a half billion dollars. In the last issue, we studied token sales held in the summer, and in today's topic - a selection of the most interesting ICOs of September.

    SNOVio : decentralized lead generation platform

    Any computer can become a source of data important for business, if you teach him to look for them correctly. Today, many platforms for lead generation use centralized models for searching and storing data (for example, the Hunter.io email address search system), but the creators of the SNOVio project are sure that the strength is in decentralization.

    The platform created by the project team works on the basis of blockchain technology and smart contracts. Crowdsourcing information collected by search bots from open sources is used to fill the database.

    System participants are rewarded for keeping their data up to date. This means that the business gets better leads than when working with traditional lead generation systems. Details of all transactions between platform participants and customers are stored in a separate register, transactions are executed using smart contracts.

    The ICO of the project is scheduled for September 19: www.ico.snov.io

    Datum : NOSQL decentralized database

    The Datum service is a decentralized and distributed highly loaded NOSQL database powered by blockchain technology. The system allows any user to create backup copies of structured data - for example, dump information from social networks, wearables and IoT devices - and anonymously store them, share them or sell them using a special marketplace.

    The system works like this: the system uses its own DAT token, data owners use this currency to pay for storing data in the system on special storage nodes - their operators earn on this.

    Using DAT tokens, you can also buy data - the terms of the transaction are determined by their owner. For payment, you don’t need to deal with complex wallets, all transactions are carried out using a simple mobile application.

    Currently, the project is being pre-sale, the ICO will start on September 11:

    Monetha : a blockchain system for payments and reputation tracking

    Over the centuries, one of the most important factors in any purchase and sale transaction is the trust between the two parties. Despite the development of the financial system, truly viable and easy-to-use instruments to reduce risk in transactions did not appear, the creators of the Monetha project are sure.

    They developed their own payment system, the hallmark of which is the presence of a built-in decentralized reputation assessment system based on a smart contract. Its essence lies in the fact that after the transaction, the seller and the buyer can evaluate each other, and important information about the transaction (for example, the guarantee provided) is recorded on the blockchain. As a result, each seller and buyer will have their own confidence rating and reviews about it.

    In addition to greater reliability, Monetha developers made their payment gateway cheaper to use than traditional solutions - instead of the usual 2% -6% commission, the transaction fee here is only 1.5%.

    The ICO of the project starts on August 31 and runs until September 30: www.monetha.io

    Ambrosus : improving the quality of products with the blockchain

    Modern global supply chains of vital products, such as food or medicine, do not give people the ability to control what they consume, as Ambrosus startup developers say. The main goal of the project is to radically improve the situation by creating a blockchain ecosystem in which records about the history of each product are stored. This should significantly increase the level of trust in the entire global distribution system for food and medicine.

    The essence of the system is to give consumers the opportunity to track the history of any product - from the place of its creation to the full composition. To collect data, it is planned to create specialized biosensors that will be used to create products. Among the project investors are the Swiss authorities.

    ICO scheduled for September 13: www.ambrosus.com

    SynchroLife : restaurant recommendation system

    Today, when new restaurants appear every day and old ones close just as often, it is difficult for consumers to track these changes. As a result, it is rather difficult to understand what to expect from a particular institution. The SynchroLife project seeks to solve this problem - it is a blockchain-based recommendation platform for finding restaurants.

    The scheme of its work is simple - users of the system can publish reviews about the restaurants they visited and earn internal system tokens (SynchroCoin). This information is then analyzed by an algorithm that generates personalized recommendations.

    SynchroLife token sale scheduled for September 8: www.synchrolife.org/ico.html

    And what interesting upcoming ICOs do you know about?

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