Coco Framework - blockchain for the most part

    Blockchain technology has become widely known due to the rapidly growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. However, its capabilities are much wider. Due to its decentralization and transparency, the blockchain can become a convenient tool for building professional and corporate information tools - any where a self-controlled exchange of transaction messages is required.

    However, in order to become a professional tool, the blockchain must meet stringent requirements for performance and security, have a good reputation and open source. Realizing this, two computer giants, Intel and Microsoft, decided to create a completely new blockchain system, Coco Framework, from scratch. Its main feature is technology support.Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) for hardware restriction of access to blockchain data and speed up their processing.

    According to the promise of the developers , the Coco Framework source code will be posted on GitHub in early 2018. Under the cut you will find infographics about the benefits of Intel SGX in terms of blockchain.

    Key points of the scheme in Russian:

    • Intel SGX is an Intel architecture extension designed to enhance code and data security. This safety is achieved by placing protected objects in enclaves closed from the outside.
    • Blockchain data is stored encrypted until the need for it. Then the data is decrypted in a closed Intel SGX enclave, which strictly limits the activity of user applications.
    • When using Intel SGX, the process of verifying users in the chain is simplified, since it is performed by SGX tools and does not require additional actions from the blockchain.

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