Christmas Scrum Meetup UPD Broadcast Mitap

    We invite you to the Christmas Scrum Meetup, which will be held on December 20 at the Raiffeisenbank site in Nagatino.

    Last year, before Christmas, we held our first Agile mitap, for this year we have accumulated a huge amount of experience, interesting cases and decided to turn our mitaps into a tradition and make another one. This year we will talk about Scrum together with experts from Raiffeisenbank and ScrumTrek. We also consider it important and necessary to answer questions and create platforms for communication, therefore we have prepared a chat for you in which you can ask questions to us and our colleagues in the shop. Want to chat? Then you here.

    The program includes 4 interesting reports, Christmas mood and surprises from the organizers.

    Sergey Aldusev, Raiffeisenbank

    About the day before today

    The history of the development and development of the Scrum Master function in a bank. Problems, solutions, tasks.

    Anastasia Marconi, Raiffeisenbank

    Scrum master and Product Owner - effective interaction of

    Product Owner from Mars, Scrum Master and the team from Venus. Understanding each other of these two worlds directly depends on the primary and effective communication between Scrum Master and Product Owner. About how to do it right - let's talk in the report.

    Nadezhda Pugacheva and Natasha Strelnikova, Raiffeisenbank

    What is Scrum Master doing at Raiffeisenbank?

    You often wondered who Scrum Master is and what exactly does he do? And received in response to generalized quotes from the Scrum Guide.
    But you still want to understand what this profession is and what is its meaning? Then come to finally figure out and understand what the Scrum Master is specifically doing. We decipher the Scrum Guide's postulates, talk about goals and share the approach.

    Alexey Pimenov, ScrumTrek

    Engineering culture for Scrum Master

    For a better understanding of how the work on an IT product is going, it is necessary to understand the context of development processes. In the report, we will look at the evolution of engineering and infrastructure practices and processes in the work of IT teams so that the modern Scrum Master can better understand how things are going, what problems they have and what they should focus on in terms of changes and optimization of work.

    Participation in the event is free, but by prior registration .

    The event starts at 19:00, the doors for guests open at 18:30.

    Come, it will be interesting!

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