Repetitive tasks in Redmine

    Do you have regular tasks? Say, hold a meeting on Mondays at 10:30, generate a report to the client on Thursdays at 18:00? Or is the client rolling updates on Tuesdays, and the admin should be in constant contact from 10:00? Need to start a working day with a checklist? 20th day to pay rent?

    If you work in Redmine, you cannot set a regular task by regular means. Every time you have to put it manually. This is extra time, extra attention and risk of error.

    To eliminate the human factor, we have developed a free redmine_recurring_tasks plugin that automatically sets the task daily, weekly or monthly.

    The plugin is compatible with other popular plugins, in particular with redmine_tags and redmine_checklists . It is possible to manually configure the copying of attributes from other plugins. If you have questions about compatibility, check out in the comments.

    Use for health!

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