IT events that you can attend before the end of summer

    By tradition, we continue our endless list of Russian events related to the development and related topics. At the end of the season, there was a lull in the IT community, but those who are determined to devote the rest of the summer to self-education still have a lot to choose from: in this issue, frontend, C ++, blockchain and IT project management are featured.

    DevNotes # 1. Cooking recipes web in enterprise

    When: July 29
    Where: Ryazan, st. Munster, 2, Congress Hotel "Old City", Hall "St. Petersburg"
    Participation Conditions: free of charge, registration is required

    Specialists from SberTech organize meetings on topics related to the development of large enterprise-level systems. In their speeches, the speakers will talk about the experience of building fault-tolerant distributed systems based on microservices from the point of view of backend and frontend, as well as share recipes for creating the DevOps infrastructure that can withstand the high pace of development and delivery of services of the Front End System. The reports are designed for a wide range of listeners - newcomers to IT can safely come along with the masters of their craft.

    Konnect 2017

    When: July 29
    Where: Moscow, Bersenevsky lane, 2, building 1
    Participation conditions: 1000 rub.

    Konnekt is a conference for those who thoughtfully approach the educational process. The organizers gather on one platform beginners or even potential developers and IT specialists from leading companies with a deep knowledge of the industry and successful career building experience so that the latter can give advice and outline prospects for the former. The program is extremely heterogeneous: there was a place for development and web design, a backend and a frontend, the organization of the educational process and recommendations for project management. The central theme this year will be the creation of an ideal web project with all the consequences. During the conference, reports will be interspersed with master classes, and those who guessed to grab a laptop will be able to test their knowledge in practice under the guidance of experts without leaving the cash desk.

    Pizza Pitch: open presentations at the HSE Business Incubator

    When: August 3
    Where: Moscow, Kirpichnaya St., 33, bld. 2
    Terms of participation: 200 rub.

    Do you have a startup and want to talk about it? You will be heard at a meeting of sympathizers in the HSE Business Incubator. It doesn’t matter at what stage you are: have an idea that seems promising, got stuck at the early stages of the project development, have achieved success and want to brag about it - just prepare a short presentation and your organizers and simply representatives of the community will comprehensively discuss and comment on your situation. Those who are just planning to join the startup team can come to listen, and those who have gained a lot of experience can help with advice from the speakers. The evening ends with pizza and a conversation on free topics.

    RamblerFront & meetup # 2

    When: August 3
    Where: Moscow, Warsaw highway, 9, p. 1, entrance number 5. Attic Rambler & Co
    Terms of participation:free of charge, registration is required

    Inspired by the success of the previous meeting, Rambler invites frontend developers to sit with tea and enjoy pizza and listen to several reports from experts in their field. This time we will focus on optimizing an isomorphic react application, testing the layout using the Galen Framework, and, finally, the eternal topic - errors in the code and tricks that will allow them to be wrapped in their favor.

    A! Hack Summer

    When: August 5-6
    Where: Moscow, Bersenevskaya Naberezhnaya, 6, building 3
    Participation conditions: free

    Alfa-Bank invites programmers, designers and developers who feel a boost of energy for a thirty-hour non-stop marathon to take part in a free hackathon. The task posed to the teams is to create a prototype of the lifestyle of the product, which would be interesting for wealthy customers of the bank. The organizers are open to creative ideas from the participants, but are also ready to offer their own ideas for those who do not have time to decide on a topic. The final projects will be evaluated by a jury, which will include top managers of Alfa Bank, alfalab and Alfa Private, as well as specialized specialists in the field of IT and fintech. Winners will receive cash prizes, career opportunities and an invitation to test their product on Alfa Private data.

    IT Project Management: Project Planning. Project management

    When: August 5-6
    Where: St. Petersburg, Krasnogvardeisky per., D.23, letter E, office of SC Scout
    Terms of participation: 10,500 rubles.

    Any team work requires organization, and any project of any scale requires planning. Those who have come to terms with the fact that IT cannot do without management and is ready to accept it as a valuable skill for a programmer, Scout Academy invites you to a two-day training devoted to effective project management. The main task of the organizers is to convey to the audience how to work with the calendar and resource plan, taking into account all the necessary factors and showing the necessary flexibility. During the course, students will learn how to adhere to the scope of the project, take into account goals, apply the task tree and the project management triangle, fix the dependencies between the tasks, discuss the conditions with the client and link all the management tools into a single pool.

    The internal structure and market launch of blockchain projects: an introduction to blockchain

    When: August 5
    Where: St. Petersburg, st. Medikov, 3, building A, Technopark of St. Petersburg
    Terms of participation: from 1777 rubles.

    If deep down you don’t really understand what kind of blockchain everyone is talking about, or are not sure how to apply theoretical knowledge in real projects - do not pass by. The special course, which will be held in the St. Petersburg Technopark, is designed to form a more clear understanding of the essence of decentralized systems and their investment field. For four university couples, the organizers intend to disclose the concept of cryptography, cryptosystems and blockchain as a whole, outline their place in the modern market, highlight security problems and existing solutions, analyze some real products and arrange a test drive for a number of blockchain projects. The material will be presented in an accessible form - only an understanding of basic economic concepts is required from the audience.

    The internal structure and market launch of blockchain projects: ICOs and cryptocurrencies

    When: August 6
    Where: St. Petersburg, ul. Medikov, 3, building A, Technopark of St. Petersburg
    Terms of participation: from 1777 rubles.

    The same place, the same organizers, the same blockchain, but on a different set of topics - the speech at the second lecture-seminar will focus mainly on ICO and white paper. This part of the course is much more compact and aims to familiarize students with the state of the cryptocurrency market, as well as give an idea of ​​the mechanisms for conducting ICOs for investments and tools for protecting crypto assets.

    The second practical conference “Bank.Bot - 2017: bank chatbots and robotic advising”

    When: August 22
    Where:Moscow, Gamsonovsky per., D. 2
    Terms of participation: 15 000 rub.

    The fintech sector also has something to discuss - for example, artificial intelligence, roboadvising and how all these fashionable words actually relate to the Russian banking sector. The event will be attended by representatives of large domestic banks (Otkritie, Citibank, Sberbank Technologies) and financial companies. The speakers will give reports on how the implementation of chat bots in their services took place, what difficulties it caused and what opportunities it provided, will touch on the world practices of roboadvising. The panel discussion will offer topics such as machine learning and language processing, predictive analytics, blockchain, implementation of bots for various platforms, tools for monitoring and monetization, and much more.

    C ++ Siberia

    When: August 25 - 26
    Where: Tomsk, Lenin Ave., 36, Tomsk State University
    Participation Terms: 2500 rub. (+3000 rub. For master classes)

    The nomadic community of Russian C ++ lovers reached Siberia: the next two-day meeting will be held in Tomsk at the end of the summer. On the first day, participants will have the opportunity to participate in master classes in two areas (Applied Functional Programming in C + and Continuous Integration for C ++ Developers); the second will be reserved for expert reports. The organizers emphasize that the conference materials are designed for experienced developers with good training. The program is still being formed, so those who have something to say on topics such as C ++, STL, Boost, Qt and other libraries, testing and assembling large projects in C ++, asynchrony and competitiveness can offer their candidacy as a speaker .

    Chaos Constructions

    When: August 26 - 27
    Where:St. Petersburg, Krasnogvardeiskaya square, 3
    Conditions of participation: 800 rubles.

    St. Petersburg once again justifies its title as a cultural capital, offering a rich and varied cultural program created by techies for techies. Chaos Constructions festival is dedicated to computer creativity in its various manifestations. Participants are waiting for contests for programming 3D graphics, drawing and animation, live music in the 8-bit genre, DJ performances, an exhibition of colorful computers of different generations, cosplay for gamers, team quests and, finally, discussions on high topics in a seminar format.

    System and business analysis in software development. Intensive course

    When: August 28 - September 1
    Where:St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, 104, Business Center Tempo, Building 6, Floor 4 
    Participation conditions: 49,900 rubles.

    Only 40 hours of hard mental work - and you are a systems analyst. For those wishing to celebrate Knowledge Day with a new certificate, LevelUp offers a week-long business analysis course. The program is designed for IT professionals, architects and leading developers with a good level of English and experience in software engineering. The course includes six theoretical modules: Overview of systems and business analysis practices (brief introduction, basic concepts, overview of required competencies), IP Definition: Elements of requirements engineering (techniques for identifying and analyzing stakeholders, responsibility matrix, classification of requirements, validation and requirements engineering in the context of project management), Modeling IP in UML 2 (UML diagrams and their interpretation, conceptual modeling),

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