Tesla plans to install new massive stationary batteries in California


    In the summer of 2018 year Tesla was one of four companies that provide California stationary storage battery, the total amount of which will be 2.27 GWh. At the first stage, Tesla got a volume of 730 MW * h (the power of 182.5 MW needs to be given for 4 hours), and in the future it can expand to 1.2 GW * h.

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    For comparison, the largest Tesla station was installed in Australia with a total energy reserve of 129 MW * h. Initially, it was assumed that Tesla would install its batteries (Powerpack 2), which would take more than 3 thousand (1 battery will store 210 kW * h), and this is only for the 1st stage.

    The Electröck has received exclusive information, thanks to which it became known that Tesla will use new batteries in the California project, which will be a multiple of the current Powerpack 2 batteries.

    At present, Tesla names such Megapack batteries. must be at least 1 MW * h The physical dimensions of such a battery: 7.14 m by 1.6 m (LxW).

    According to Tesla's plan, they will install 449 Megapacks for the 1.2 GWh project, which means that 2673 kWh for each battery will turn out. It is more than 12 times larger than 1 Powerpack 2 battery, but takes up less space. On the same area that takes 1 Megapack battery, only 8 Powerpack 2 batteries fit. It’s not even bad, saving 50% only in the area. Yes, there is no data on height, but in any case, this suggests that Tesla improves the characteristics of its finger batteries, which are the basis of their batteries, both stationary and car.

    Yes, it is too early to talk about something specifically. This is preliminary data. Not the fact that the output will be such characteristics. But, the progress in work is a bit impressive.

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