The State Duma submitted a bill on the autonomous work of the RuNet

    Source: TASS

    Today, a bill has been submitted to the State Duma on the need to ensure the operation of the Russian segment of the Internet in the event of disconnection from foreign servers. The documents were prepared by a group of deputies headed by Andrei Klishas, ​​head of the committee of the Federation Council on legislation.

    “It creates an opportunity to minimize the transfer abroad of data exchanged between Russian users,” reports TASS. To this end, points of connection of Russian networks to foreign ones will be determined. In turn, the owners of points, telecom operators, are obliged to ensure the possibility of centralized traffic control in the event of a threat.

    To ensure the autonomous operation of the Runet in Russian networks, “technical means” will be installed that determine the source of the traffic. Such means, if necessary, will help "to limit access to resources with prohibited information not only by network addresses, but also by prohibiting the passage of passing traffic."

    In addition, to operate the Russian segment of the Internet in an isolated mode, it is planned to create a national DNS system.

    "In order to ensure the sustainable functioning of the Internet, a national system is being created for obtaining information on domain names and (or network addresses) as a set of interconnected software and hardware designed to store and retrieve information about network addresses for domain names, including those included in the Russian national domain zone, as well as authorization when resolving domain names, ”the document states.

    The document itself was prepared "taking into account the aggressive nature of the US national cyber security strategy adopted in September 2018", which proclaims the principle of "maintaining peace by force", and Russia, among other countries, "is directly and without proof accused of hacker attacks".

    The document introduces the need for regular exercises among government officials, telecom operators and owners of technology networks to identify threats and develop measures to restore the Russian Internet segment.

    According to this document, the procedure for centralized response to threats to the operability of the Internet and public communication network of a monitoring and control center is determined by the government of the Russian Federation. Response measures are planned to be determined, including, “in the course of monitoring the functioning of the technical elements of the public communication network”.

    The preparation of the issue of autonomy of the RuNet did not begin now. Back in 2014, the Security Council instructed the relevant authorities to study the issue of security of the Russian-speaking segment of the Network. Then in 2016It was reported that the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media plans to achieve a 99% indicator regarding the transmission of Russian Internet traffic within the country. In 2014, the same indicator was 70%.

    According to the Ministry of Communications, the Russian traffic partially passes through external exchange points, which does not allow guaranteeing the reliable operation of the RuNet in the event of the disconnection of foreign servers. The main critical elements of the infrastructure are the national domain zones of the upper level, the infrastructure that ensures their operation, as well as the system of traffic exchange points, lines and means of communication.

    In 2017, the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated the need to create an autonomous root server system in the BRICS countries. “... A serious threat to Russia's security is the increased ability of Western countries to conduct offensive operations in the information space and readiness for their use. The dominance of the United States and a number of European Union countries in matters of Internet governance remains, ”said the materials of last year’s meeting of the Security Council.

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