Musical parodies from SUSE about Kubernetes, Linus Torvalds and others

    Last week, colleagues suddenly discovered the music video Kubernetes , which pleasantly surprised with its level. A brief “investigation” revealed that the SUSE Band is behind it — the SUSE music group, which is now part of Micro Focus International and widely known in the Open Source and the IT community in general for its long experience in developing Linux distributions and a number of related products.

    In addition to the quality work and the presence of a decent SUSE Band track record (see below) , the group was impressed: the senior architect played the drums, the SUSE Enterprise sales consultant played the guitar, and the senior sales engineer played the bass (yes, no typo in the title of the position). For the text of this and other songs are also employees of the company. What a great move: self-realization of the team in the hobby, and viral marketing, and the community joy! Therefore, this Friday we decided to dilute our technical publications with the presentation of several especially liked SUSE Band clips. Their lyrics are translated and in some places supplemented with explanatory links.


    Parody of the rock hit of 1997 - “ Barracuda ” of the American band Heart.

    In IT stores today taxis flexibility (agile),
    containers here appear as a way.

    Orchestration is fun!
    Automation for everyone, high availability that never falls!

    SUSE CaaS Platform is the easy way for K8s clusters today.
    We help to reduce, reduce, reduce, reduce overhead, to
    cover Kubernetes!

    Platform services are usually not free,
    and hardware was not simple and affordable.
    The cost of CapEx, OpEx began to decline - of
    course, thanks to Open Source!

    Monolithic applications are not very elegant,
    you need to switch developers to flexibility and speed ( mode 2 ),
    you want to scale, scale, scale, scale really fast ...
    Ooh, Kubernetes!

    Collect it, collect it - all in containers,
    quickly with utilities kubectl,
    microservices rule!

    Imagine: I can roll out updates,
    scale and balance the load e of my stack
    with simple console utilities - this is very, very cool!

    Monolithic applications are not very elegant,
    you need to switch developers to flexibility and speed,
    you need to scale, scale, scale, scale really fast ...
    Ooh, Kubernetes!

    Linus say

    Parody of the song “ Mama Said ” by Lukas Graham (2015, pop / r & b).

    (In the translation below, instead of the repeating chorus, "..." is used.)
    Linus said that everything is open.
    Linus said everything is under the GPL.
    Everyone can use as they see fit.
    And everything was okay!

    The community decided that this is a good code.
    People started rolling out their distros,
    compiling C with their Makefiles,
    because the code was good.

    Remember how in 1991
    he posted in the Minix Usenet group:
    “This is just a hobby, there will be nothing big here,”
    starting with Bash and GCC.

    It could be found on disks for AT,
    people liked it and they began to distribute it,
    with a multi-threaded file system
    and the ability to run on the 386s.


    The next task was a talisman.
    The little penguin bit him at the zoo,
    Larry Ewing painted for the public,
    and the name Tux was given to him by James Hughes .

    Richard Stallman founded GNU,
    and also Emacs and GCC,
    licensed under copyleft - and that's true!
    The code is free, as speech , for me and you.


    I know which shell I have,
    and my desktop is GNOME.
    When I plunge into the jungle of the Internet,
    Chrome is my browser.

    When friends ask how the project succeeds in flourishing
    and how Linus supports it.
    A generous life-long dictator is
    why I am calm.
    I said it was ok.
    You know what Linus said?
    Do you know what he told us?


    Code together

    Parody of the song “ Come Together ” by The Beatles (1969, rock).

    Here comes the Chameleon.
    He has stereoscopic vision,
    he has Open Source-code,
    he is a holy coder,
    he has a tail below the knees.
    Administering his system is

    He doesn't have a lock-in ,
    he has an OpenStack cloud,
    he has Linux for mainframes,
    he uses YaST and Kiwi.
    He says: “I know Perl, you know Ruby;
    the only thing I can tell you is that
    you should be free! ”
    Write the code together right now,
    we are all free!

    He is in production,
    he has a huge uptime,
    he uses open standards,
    he is an elite hacker!
    Himsoftware-defined storage ,
    and judging by top- yes! - you still have a lot of free RAM!
    Write the code together right now,
    we are all free!

    He is on the mainframe,
    he has the power of the desktop,
    he steers in the Top 500 !
    He is a really bad mother,
    He says: "1 and 1 = 17" *.
    Must be cute -
    he's so good with C.
    Write the code together right now,
    we are all free!

    Write the code together, yes!
    Write the code together, yes!

    * The phrase “one and one is seventeen” beats the original “one and one and one is three” and is a reference to the hexadecimal number system (0x11).

    I'm suse now hallelujah

    Parody of the song “ Faith ” by Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande (2016, contemporary R & B).

    (In the translation below, instead of the repeating chorus, "..." is used.)
    See the chameleon with his crazy tongue hanging out? Aha
    He dances because he likes it!
    Yes, he is a trend setter - we all want to be like him!
    He is the king of Open Source, you better believe in HYIP!
    It transforms data centers, holy innovations!
    He adds open to your Open Source and now!

    He has SUSE for me, baby, he now has SUSE for me!
    And I will be with him, yes, it will be really good!
    There is simply nothing better:
    I am greener - hallelujah! - now I am SUSE.

    Saw this chameleon and its uptime with five nines ?
    With him, my infrastructure always serves applications.
    It always brings innovation, allows you to scale up to exabyte.
    He fulfilled his mission - my systems fly.
    This friendly reptile is highly productive and applies patches in real time .
    Just say the word to him and he will change you all his life.


    My servers work every day and night.
    His crazy dance doesn't go out of my head.
    Tamed my containers, made the storage scalable.
    I have always been interested in what a chameleon says?
    I see a great job and thank him every day!


    More music!

    The full playlist with all the SUSE Band musical pearls is here (and don't ask me how it is - besides the creativity of the great guys from SUSE - there were some regular video clips) . Have a great weekend!

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