Dotty is on the doorstep

    The next generation of Scala , the third version of which I personally look forward to with great impatience, seems to be just around the corner. A new compiler and a new feature set for Scala 3 .0 are being developed as part of the Dotty project . 17 months ago, Dottie celebrated a small victory - bootstrap, i.e. he was able to compile himself. The plans for new features had a lot of goodies, which were devoted to publishing on the hub ( tyts - if someone did not read, then I advise you to follow the link).

    And a couple of days ago a promising commit from Dmitry Petrashko appeared on the github of the project(one of the key developers of dotty), entitled "Start writing release anouncement." "We are starting to write news about the release."

    If you briefly retell the essence of what was written, then:

    So we rejoice and look forward to it. However, this is only the first edition in the repository. By the time of release, something else may change.

    We really hope that, as Dmitry said , since the compiler architecture was completely rewritten from scratch (this time correctly :-)), now adding new features to the language will be much simpler and faster (and type-safe with mathematically proven accuracy, thanks to DOT - calculus, to which the new compiler owes its name).

    But you can’t hesitate. Competitors are on the alert: Kotlin has already becomethe second official language of Android. What scala can’t boast about first of all because of “scala is too slow”, i.e. excessive slowdown in compiling and non-optimizing standard libraries - what dotty should fix.

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