Two words about the abstract forces governing the Worlds

    There are a couple of smart people who like to quote everyone. They say that someone great said that everyone who came to our World would not leave innocent, they say, The world of each innocence would inevitably deprive them. So I’ll say: “Gentlemen, how about thinking twice?” And I will continue: “If it’s convenient for you to attribute some events to something highly abstract, if this helps you in solving your chaotic problems, then let us keep your conclusions with you. The world is not inclined to do anything like this with you. Do not worry (and even more so do not make a quote-gun out of this, shooting everyone around)! Behind all designated acts is not Peace, but Man. I hope I have reduced the abstract. If not, then I’ll add, people, concrete, specific people are behind it. ”
    Yes, the world does not care about a person. But not to the man himself ...
    Excellent reasoning in the circle of philosophy in the seventh grade. But why is it here? This is my will (I do not know what this means, I just heard this word in a circle). We, gentlemen, are influenced not only by abstract forces. Often a person, and then the second, next and next, do something in our address. The result is a result. Complex and multi-component. And now he is already losing his roots, turning into an abstraction - damn convenient, I must say. But do not let yourself be deceived.
    For lovers of dichotomy: There is a real world, but there is a computer one. It seems that the grounds for such a division are weighty (the concepts of the information society that I learned about from two lines on Wikipedia; the gradual flow of life into computer spaces, which I have been learning about for a decade). So, there are suspicions that something is not going smoothly with the real world, and there are suspicions that specific people with specific hands and heads are behind it. And there is a possibility that such a device, since it is the same product of human hands and heads, will spread to the computer world. And then it comes down to specific people.
    Hi specific people! Hello readers!
    Let me whisper something else: "Hello Creators."

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