Connecting to ... failed: Unknown error or warned - means armed

    In this screenshot, at first glance, there is nothing unusual - the site just fell. But this is not so ...

    The screenshot was taken yesterday in an office far from Moscow, which is connected to the Internet through one federal provider. Please note that there is access on port 80, the problem only starts after forwarding to HTTPS.

    At this moment, I had a virtual server console open from a Moscow hosting provider: the site was unavailable with another error:

    Connecting to (||:443... failed: Unknown error.

    Nevertheless, the site was accessible when using a VPN in the Opera browser, as well as when connecting through other providers.

    Apparently, we can say that I was lucky to immediately find two providers who had a common problem. But there are no guarantees that they are completely independent of each other.

    At least we can say that this is not a local problem of the provider, the services of which I use both at home and at work. It can occur in any locality and, possibly, at any provider. And the owners of the site can learn about this only by chance.

    And it didn’t start yesterday

    Since I have been connected with web development for some time or another, I’m not worried about fallen sites. There are many reasons why a site may not respond.

    But last month, when searching for a solution to a problem, there were so few useful links that I really wanted to get on an article in some English-language blog. There was no need to figure it out for a long time - it was enough to enable VPN in Opera browser.

    Please note that there was no information that the resource was blocked.

    As a result, over the past month I had to use a VPN several more times. Basically, these were little-known (for me) English-speaking IT resources. But also among them were:

    • is not the site itself, only the CDN from which a couple of some files were downloaded. The problem lasted about two hours.
    • - the problem was on one of the holidays in early May, the duration is unknown.


    The information was communicated to interested parties, in one of the answers was the following phrase:

    Currently, due to incorrect operation of the system of blocking sites of Roskomnadzor, the site is unavailable ...

    Unfortunately, I doubt that this can be considered an official response, since no press releases on this subject have been found.

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