For three days in intensive care or what is wrong with the Work-Life Balance section on Mobius'18?

    The day before yesterday the conference of mobile developers Mobius'18 ended, on the first day of which the BoF session took place, which led me to write this note. On the topic of work-lfe balance and especially on burnout at work, I have something to tell. Below you will learn how to get to the intensive care unit for three days and a month to the hospital. Since it is easier for me to write than to speak (no, this is not related to resuscitation), you did not hear me at the conference, but you can read my thoughts here.

    I will begin, of course, with the critics of the organizers. What is interesting about the balance of life and work can tell 25-year-olds who have no children, who constituted the absolute majority of experts at the session? In my opinion, only the fact that the company where they work imperceptibly for them took away most of their life and replaced it with the notion of “prestige”. They are sincerely proud of the opportunity to stay in the office and play “ployku”, lie on the couch, go to the gym and take a shower.

    They either don’t understand, or don’t want to understand that the company leaves employees in the office in such a simple way without any additional cost and without violating the Labor Code. Work-life balance for them is the search for doping, a tool that they must begin to apply in order to live in their office under these conditions (read, anyway) at least a little bit.

    It is difficult to fight this, it has become part of our culture - feel it yourself - imagine what you are saying to the boss: “I’ll stay in the office today until I finish” or “I’ll leave as usual at 19:00, if I don’t have time, I will continue tomorrow morning” . You, like me, will most likely say something like: “I need to leave today at 19:00, but I’ll finish everything right in the morning” or “take home” or “come early” or something like that. Those. You will apologize for not giving your employer time.

    About the survivor, who was "pushed the other way"

    A few years ago, I started working in an e-commerce startup as a technical leader. When I arrived, there were two people in the company. During these two and a half years of my life, the company managed to grow to 80+ people, “collapse” to forty, and then completely close. I was responsible for all the technical, that only you could think of, hired, dismissed people. There was a lot of stress. All that I did was either a feat, or almost a feat.

    If the office is relocated, then in two days off, including the preparation of a new premise - SCS, wiring, telephones, servers, computers, telephones. If the development department, then scrum, the minimum budget, maximum efficiency. Books, business coaches, everything to spend less and do more. By the way, I did not "tin." Developers, I am very shore, they rarely stayed in the office after work. What to do, I love people.

    It was a drive. The average working day lasted 12 hours, I used a lot of techniques - I did not eat breakfast (see “ketosis”), drank a lot of water, ate little, ate only high-quality food. I felt great, I got enough sleep, pulled out 21 times, ran. He tried very hard to get an option in the company and use it to make money on an apartment without a mortgage.

    If you try hard, you will surely achieve your goal. Some goal

    I have a complicated appendicitis. After the operation, my body did not want to start working, so I spent three days in intensive care, enjoying the hallucinations from metronidazole and the society of not the most talkative neighbors. Then, very slowly, in an ordinary ward, I slowly walked away. The doctor in the clinic, under the supervision of which I was discharged, spent a couple of weeks looking for my oncology (thanks to her and, thank God, it was okay), because my appearance was not very presentable.

    Why did it happen? I, like many, changed the concept. In fact, true professionalism is when work does not take away a lot of resources from you. Those. one must strive to work less, not more. If work brings you joy, energy, pleasure, you need to be very careful. These emotions will pass, but the habit of spending the night in the office will remain.

    What to do?

    • First, work by the hour. Especially when deadlines are on. You can add yourself an hour by working day, if you really want to “push” in a certain period, but this should be a contract primarily with yourself, and better with the employer, which clearly states the terms and conditions - for example, “for a period until January 12, 19, inclusive, to work only on weekdays, to go home from the office to go home at 20:00. ” Do not forget about money.
    • Secondly, to be as effective as possible. This is not only before the deadline, it is generally for life, but also useful for the country. First, think over what you want to do in detail, then quickly execute.
    • Third, stop drinking alcohol, even on weekends and holidays. It is simply poisonous, albeit only slightly. There is nothing useful for the brain, for digestion, or for blood vessels. There are nutrients in red wine, but they are much smaller than, for example, in eggplant. Alcohol, like cigarettes, is a relic of the past. It only helps in one thing - to calm down and become a cog in the system.
    • Fourth, spend time with your loved ones, have children, rethink your life.
    • Understand how fool you were at 20, 25, 30, 35 years old.

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