Spam calls. Can I fight them?

    Good day, Habr.

    There are several ways to deal with spam calls on a mobile phone, but there are situations when it is almost impossible. I will tell my case about systematic calls from a hidden number.

    We all got used to receive spam SMS / calls once in a while and more often we stop responding to them. Some are used for advertising purposes (legal or illegal), others lead to divorce (like “I’ve got it, throw money to the number + X (XXX) XXX-XXXXX”), and then everything is simple, I personally add the subscriber to spam , put a filter or block it - it does not matter. My operator MegaFon and he even has a function, something like “report about spam,” I don’t remember exactly, and I also used it several times. On average, I receive 5-10 messages and 1-2 calls a week, and this seems to be not critical. This does not particularly bother me to live, provided that I switch on the flight mode all the time.

    Now the essence. This situation happened to my wife, but since I solved the problem, I will write on my own behalf.

    Part one. Introduction. In the morning of 12/05/2018 I received a call (by discharge - Moscow). At the other end of the "wire", a certain M called several names and tried to find out whether he had got there. He fell, of course, not there. I do not know whether this is associated with further events. The call was at 9:10. After 11 minutes, I received the first call from another number (according to the extract - St. Petersburg). And here it began (c) ...

    Fig.1. Detailing

    Calls began to be repeated every 8 minutes. The first thing I noticed was the absence of “7” in the room, but after reviewing the entire statement I saw that spam numbers from other regions of the form 921XXX-XX-XX skipped. Well? Call MegaFon technical support and tell it like it is, get the call at 12:10. But what they say in tech support? You can connect the “Black List” function and enjoy (for 4p per day, of course), but if the subscriber’s number is not displayed on your phone, you cannot block it (...? ...). As it seemed to me, there was a hint at one more function “Caller ID”. But strangely, I see the number in the statement ...

    What is wrong with these calls? The first is the periodicity. The madman who sits with the timer didn’t fit in my head, so this is either an autodial on the phone / device with a modem or simply SIP calls (which is much worse). The second is the hidden number of the subscriber, that is, it was hidden intentionally. What else is strange is that once in 20 calls the number of all-such appeared in the list.

    Part two, having written an angry review on the MegaFon website, I began to write to Tele2's technical support, while it became clear that it was them. Along the way, I found several sites where you can add information about potentially spam numbers, and of course, I left info on each one. It was also discovered that I am not the first to receive regular calls every 8 minutes ...

    Fig.2. Screenshots.

    I was sent to Tele2 almost as technically as MegaFon, but they said, "... yes, I see that this is our subscriber, but we cannot block it ...". I think the lock is not possible technically, but in connection with a service contract or something like that. I even googled article 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on telephone hooliganism, but here's the bad luck:

    According to Art. 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation telephone hooliganism is considered criminal only in certain cases:

    • if it comes to telephone terrorism;
    • if a person receives telephone threats to his health and life;
    • if the caller for the purpose of the draw caused damage or injury.

    What about me? When picking up the handset, the caller drops the call. When dialing to this phone number, the handset is picked up and reset again. Here, even the damage is not screwed.

    Fig.3. The answer is Tele2 (I wrote everything on behalf of my wife). Unfortunately, there is only a photo from the phone.

    I had to take an emergency measure. All subscribers that are not in the phone book were blocked. Breathing has become a little easier, but it carries several negatives at once. First - now I can not order a pizza (the courier will smoke for a long time under the door). Secondly, as the phone continues to receive calls and reject them, the battery drops out, and the number of calls on the icon increases, which makes me angry.

    On the morning of the second day I discovered another oddity. I thought that all calls MegaFon captures and in the statement they will be visible in any case, but something went wrong. As soon as a block was placed on unknown incoming calls, they stopped falling into the statement.

    Technical support MegaFon and Tele2 have disappeared. What to do next? The first thing that occurred to me was to write a statement to the police, the second (from my colleague) to redirect to MegaFon (Tele2) technical support - let them figure it out (but it seems to me - this is all the same article 213, only to me ). We google similar appeals to the police (in the meantime, the phone starts to turn on and continues to land). After a quick analysis of similar situations, I realized that it was useless. There is no threat, terrorism or fraud. Well, they call you more often than usual and at night - nobody cares about it ... Although it was the last option.

    So, what is next? And nothing ... Calls stopped after about two days by themselves. There was an idea that they wanted to press a number, or make an important call be missed, but somehow this is ridiculous, the number is not gold, but rather copper, though beautiful, and not letting me eat pizza is audacity). We do not have loans, so the collectors are no longer there.

    Less spam for everyone ...

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