Come on! @ # With your “toxicity”

    IT is not a kindergarten. This is a place for adults, guided by logic and common sense. They do not need to be patronized, no need to follow the words, no need to worry that they will form complexes. If a person is incompetent, it is necessary to give him a clear understanding of this, and not to take care of his tender feelings to the detriment of everything else.

    So what the hell is my beautiful IT turning into a kindergarten "Fun Program Bear"?

    I fundamentally disagree neither with actively implanted ideas about work ethic, nor ideas about its consequences. I do not like these caramel rails smeared with pink snot, to which various dreamers and populists are trying to direct the industry. They do not lead at all to the dairy rivers with honey and but to the jungle of intrigue and the desert of personnel hunger through a tunnel of negative selection.

    What, in fact, is being postulated now as a work ethic norm? Here is a quote from the CoC of one conference that explains this.

    We want the environment to be safe and friendly ...

    Well, like nothing bad, right? What is wrong?

    Everything is good. It is right. Problems understanding this.

    For some reason, the opinion is actively promoted that it is impossible to criticize people, it is impossible to give them a negative assessment at all. The justification, however, is not the results of research or at least some working hypothesis, but a stream of demagogic garbage. The arguments on the same level as the journalism of the yellow newspapers are a juggling of facts, false conclusions and often completely outright lies.

    Why is it that security means the absence of any negative emotions? Why does the same environmental security only spread in one direction? It seems to me some sadomasochism. A person can send you a review code with the same mistakes again and again and you need to respond to this with politeness and a smile? I would definitely not call it security. It is more likely to be “in a state of constant stress.”

    Let programming is not a building project, but still you don’t mold sandwiches in a sandbox. You work with real people, often with real money, some people with airplanes or tower cranes. It is YOU who should make the environment safe, do you understand? Do not lose someone's account, do not deprive someone of a purchased license, do not drop the plane.

    What kind of nonsense is to entrust the management of the bank’s server to a young bearded man who cries from jokes about orientation? This should be a seasoned sysadmin with steel eggs, decades of experience and the virtualization of skills in a separate left hemisphere container, where there is no access to emotions. It is unlikely that he will grow out of a gentle hipster, who was carefully guarded from sarcasm and criticism.

    The greater the responsibility in the profession, the greater should be the resistance to stress. The saleswoman in the shop for abuse of inadequacy may cry and call the manager. A trucker on the road should in return swipe it even harder and deliver a cargo on time with a satisfied smile.

    Friendliness of the environment, too, for some reason, is considered only in one direction. Respect and good attitude are fairly easy to acquire and hard to lose. You can deserve it only by treating your colleagues and your work. Why does it suddenly show respect for a person who ignores criticism and advice? To a person who performs his duties poorly?

    A new person in a team will always receive a minimally positive attitude. No one will insult or shun him. Recruitment usually guarantees two things - that this is a smart enough person to be a programmer, and that he is polite enough to communicate in order to get through interviews. Usually these two factors are enough for respect and friendliness.

    What, in general, should be done at work in order to FORCE colleagues to be polite? I can not imagine this.

    Respect is probably the first (after money, of course) reason to improve your professional level. It will not be possible to control it and even more so to demand it. This is not how it works. Possible maximum - the appearance of respect and ridicule behind his back. But this is perhaps even worse than open contempt.

    Without criticism can not be improved. Only a look from the outside will allow you to evaluate your skill. Many things are hard to learn without mentoring. Can one convince a person to learn new things and correct mistakes without negative reinforcement? Of course. But its presence greatly accelerates the learning process. Undoubtedly, it is unacceptable to insult a colleague because of a lack of knowledge, but the obvious format “Your code is bad, I will now explain the reasons and give advice in detail” is already considered toxic behavior.

    Avral in the work of the programmer, if not the norm, then the phenomenon is frequent and one must be ready for it. It is impossible to catch all the bugs on the maiden, situations necessarily occur that require urgent solutions. We must be prepared for the fact that at least the day in the year will be held in an extreme mode, it may be an extreme night, if everything is bad then an extreme week. But where does stress resistance come from in a friendly and safe environment? What will our kindergarten programmer do when he writes a director once every half hour and asks, “Well, how? Ready? ".

    And here's another thing - people have likes and dislikes. They may be logical or emotional - or even just a fashion for a haircut - but they will always be. And closing people the opportunity to express an opinion not to get rid of them, it will all just go into the undercover struggle. How do you like this situation - get negative feedback from colleagues for no apparent reason? And no, you do not find out the details, you just will not get promoted time after time without knowing why. It will not be possible to change the behavior or to improve relations in the team, because no one will tell a terribly toxic truth - you have lifted up your own stories about fishing!

    Let's look around, the first shoots of this evil are already bearing fruit. Here is a little reality given to us in sensations.

    There is an active devaluation of statuses. Now it is very easy to find vacancies of seniors, timlids, architects with experience from the year. FROM YEAR. It cannot be that HR polls are crazy, someone really believes that with a year of experience you can be a top-level specialist in the profession. Hmm ... Why then all these institutions for several years, not to mention the school? ..

    An unexpected fact - programmers do not want to work without cookies. Are you serious? What the hell are these fucking cookies in each job? Does your 200k salary prevent you from buying them? Yes, you baker himself personal can hire! It's just some kind of surrealism. Describe in the job interesting tasks, technology stack - yes, your working iron is, after all, many somehow forget, but cookies all indicate. Without this, the lord will not descend. It is clear that they are writing this to show that the candidate will work in a comfortable environment, but all the cookies of the world will not replace a normal car. Note to all who are in search of work - the characteristics of the workplace, just in case, should be clarified.

    There are also many stories about undercover intrigues, here’s one from a person I personally know. The developer comes to the company, works for three months, everyone is polite and courteous to him. After three months of conversation with HR, as a result of which it turns out that the team hates him. After that binge, go to another team and paranoia. Although I don’t know if you can call paranoia that state when you are really surrounded by two-faced bastards.

    I want to consider programmers a subculture. Certainly, there are all prerequisites for this - a rather closed community of interests with its own mythology and informal leaders, with its own criteria for evaluating a person. Do not try to eliminate all this under the false pretext of "toxicity." What is offered in return does not even look close. Branch of infantile double-faced amateurs? Thank you, everything I dreamed of!

    Go, you in the ass with your "toxicity"! I say this because only friends can afford to say this to each other. And what they are trying to push through as a “friendly and safe environment” looks like a sect.

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