- a fresh collection of alternatives to the technology giant's services

    Google’s domination in a number of segments, combined with the company's policy, has caused so many questions in recent years that in almost all thematic forums and sites, users began to actively share their “Google-free” experience - information about trying to partially or completely get rid of the company's services in everyday life. everyday life.

    It came down to the fact that the activist Pieter @levelsio Levels created a whole site - , which presents a list of Google services with a list of worthy alternatives, according to the authors of the list. The goal is obvious - to break out of the technological giant's ecosystem, which, like a black hole, sucks in itself not only users, but even its neighbors (early last week)We wrote about the rumors about the failure of EdgeHTML , and by the end of the week this information was officially confirmed by Microsoft: even inflexible "T-shirts" are switching to Chromium in their default browser, which scares).

    Habr's users more than once shared in the examples examples of alternatives to Google, but Peter has collected, perhaps, the most comprehensive list of programs and services currently relevant that can replace the products of the omnipresent corporation.

    Now on presents 22 categories of services and software with an open vote of site visitors. Obviously, this was done to isolate the most popular alternatives and not to be biased. In addition, through the feedback is available "nomination" missed by the author of services and / or software. For example, according to the browser presented above, Firefox, Brave and, strangely enough, Vivaldi are expected to be in the top alternatives, the guys from whom they actively share information about the development right there on Habré. The only sadness is that according to the latest reports, the share of Firefox in the marketdropped to 9% and continues to fall .

    All applications, sites and software in the list are international and do not follow the user, as Google does, respecting the human right to privacy. We will not find Yandex search engines or any other local search in the list, but DuckDuckGo and Qwant are quite comfortable there.

    The value of the idea is obvious. If we all know about DuckDuckGo, Firefox or KeePass as alternatives to Google Search, Chrome and Google Chrome Passwords, then international international e-mail services like ProtonMail instead of Gmail or Notion instead of Google Docs are worthy of attention and trust - may be curious to certain categories of users.

    Similar lists and services in them are extremely important, because the centralization of the web around Google has already reached, in truth, an incorrectly large scale. The company takes over its neighbors in the Microsoft level segment, always gives out personalized search results even if they don’t ask for it and at the same time constantly buys and buries startups and projects that could resist the giant (by the way, Facebook and Microsoft do the same) it is a completely different story).

    We hope that the Habr community will have something to add to Peter’s list. And of course, it is worth discussing what to use from Peter’s list, and what is better to bypass.

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