What's new in Upsource 2018.2


    A new version of Upsource 2018.2 has recently been released, simplifying the process of working with code review. The new version has improved automation, which helps you focus on analyzing the code instead of performing administrative tasks. Now tell in more detail.

    Updated design

    Just like the other server products from JetBrains, we updated Upsource to the latest version of Ring UI. Now the Upsource interface has become more modern and convenient!

    Name of commit in custom workflows

    Now you can specify the name of the commit in the workflows settings. If the commit matches the relevant criteria, the review will be created automatically.

    This update extends the custom workflows functionality and allows you to focus on your code without switching the context for creating a review.

    Ability to mark yourself as “not in the office”

    If you are planning to go on vacation or take a day off, now you can turn on the “Out of office” mode for a certain number of days. If the mode is on, then you will be temporarily not automatically assigned to a review and receive reminders by mail.

    Tip with review details

    Now you can view the details of the review, without going to the review page itself. Save valuable time, while remaining aware of what is happening.

    Simultaneous deletion of several revisions from a review

    In previous versions, to remove several revisions from a review, you had to select them one at a time. Now you can select several revisions from the review at once and delete them all together.

    Ability to automatically delay deadlines for review

    Now the deadline for the review is automatically moved when new changes are added or new reviewers are added. To transfer the deadline, you can set the desired number of days.

    Java 9 and on

    Upsource 2018.2 supports syntax highlighting and code verification in projects using Java 9 and later.

    We also improved the performance of Upsource and added support for new versions of Mercurial (4.6+).

    → View the entire list of tasks that are included in the release, please click here .

    Try Upsource 2018.2 and tell us how you like the new version! Do not forget that Upsource is free for small teams (up to 10 people).

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