The market share of plug-in electric vehicles in Norway has almost reached a new maximum.

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In November, the market share reached the 2nd figure for all the time.

Despite the winter, it was another hot month in Norway, where all electric cars dispersed like hotcakes. On the other hand, sales of plug-in hybrids have declined significantly.

Last month, 7,001 new passenger electric cars were registered (growth of 20.4% in annual terms) with a market share of 56.9% (only September of this year was better with an indicator of 60.1%).

Here are the details that show that the market is shifting to clean electric vehicles:

  • electric cars with rechargeable batteries: 5087 (growth 88.1%, 41.3% the share of sales of all cars) + 1106 with secondary registration + 187 vans (178 new and 9 “used”) + 3 electric vehicles on fuel cells;
  • plug-in hybrids: 1914 (38.4% fall; 15.5% is the share of sales of all cars).

Registration of new electromobiles in Norway (November 2018)

In November 2018, the Nissan LEAF became the best-selling car among all models in Norway with 1,209 new registrations (11584 since the beginning of the year). The brand itself sold 1267 units for the last month, and since the beginning of this year - 13454, and it seems that Nissan’s presence on the Norwegian market is almost completely provided by electric vehicles.

Last month, the BMW i3 surprised by the figure of 714 new registrations (5239 since the beginning of the year).

Absolutely new Jaguar I-PACE noted 335 registrations (916 since the beginning of the year), which, as in the case with Nissan, makes up most of the brand's result for the month - 366 units and 1167 from the beginning of the year.

Tesla delivered 455 electric vehicles in November, and the Model X is still in 4th place in total sales for the year.

Registration of new cars in Norway (top 20 models), from the beginning of 2018

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