IntelliCode now in TypeScript / JavaScript
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At Build 2018, we announced Visual Studio IntelliCode: a set of AI-tools that contribute to better development. In cooperation with the IntelliCode team, we are pleased to announce that IntelliCode is now available to TypeScript / JavaScript users through the IntelliCode extension for VS Code .

What is IntelliCode?

IntelliCode complements IntelliSense by recommending frequently used termination elements for the current context at the top of the list. These contextual recommendations are based on common methods obtained during IntelliCode training by thousands of real-world projects. This saves you time by placing what you are most likely to use at the top of the list: you don’t have to search alphabetically.

How does it work for typeScript / javascript?

Install the Visual Studio IntelliCode extension through the store or install it on the Extensions tab in the Visual Studio Code. Then simply open the TypeScript or JavaScript file and start editing. You will begin to see IntelliCode recommendations tagged and raised to the top of your list of completions.

IntelliCode will change its recommendations depending on the context and will sort the options by relevance in this particular situation. For example, if an element such as map is used in a conditional expression or loop, you will see methods that you most likely would use to create the condition. If you check the completion for the map already inside the conditional expression, you will see another list of sentences.

IntelliCode will also help you in various JavaScript libraries, regardless of whether you are writing code on the client side using libraries such as React, Angular or Vue, or doing server-side development using Node.js and Express.

How to report bugs and problems?

IntelliCode is still in preview. If suddenly you find an error in the extension, we will be very happy if you tell us about it on GitHub .

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