UBS analysts: by 2030, the revenue of Alphabet unit for the development of unmanned vehicles will be $ 114 billion


    Image: Waymo

    A few days ago, a Waymo startup owned by Alphabet (the parent company of Google) launched an unmanned taxi in commercial operation. According to analysts at investment bank UBS, the development of this line of business by 2030 will generate $ 114 billion in revenue.

    What do drones earn

    At the moment, Waymo is conducting a limited pilot launch of unmanned taxis. In the car drivers are still sitting, who can take control in an emergency situation. Trips take place in the Phoenix suburbs.

    At the moment, the company earns only on travel payments, offering prices comparable to the tariff Uber and Lyft. However, in the future, several new channels of earnings will open up before Waymo. So as the geographical expansion of the experiment and the increase in the number of cars, the company can license the UAV control OS and its own maps and sell them to automakers.

    In addition, taxi passengers can show ads, and this direction also has great potential for increasing revenue.


    UBS is not the only company convinced of the imminent growth of the unmanned vehicles market. In the summer of 2018, Intel presented its forecast : according to this document, the size of the unmanned vehicle market will reach $ 800 billion by 2035.

    The Waymo UBS forecast was based solely on the prospects of unmanned taxi, but analysts say that the company's technology can be used in other areas, such as delivery and logistics.

    Own technology of unmanned vehicles is developing a number of companies, including General Motors and Uber, however, Waymo technology is considered the most advanced in this area.

    UBS estimates the value of the company in the range of $ 25 to $ 135 billion, while the base estimate is $ 75 billion. Morgan Stanley analysts in the summer of 2018 estimated Waymo at $ 45 billion and pointed out prospects for growth to $ 175 billion.

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