How do IT professionals work? Pavel Klepinin, IT Director, NIPIGAZ Center

    We continue to question specialists about work and leisure routines, professional habits, the tools they use, and much more. It will be interesting to find out what unites them, in which they contradict each other. Perhaps their answers will help to identify some general patterns, useful tips that will help many of us.

    Today our guest is Pavel Sergeevich Klepinin, IT Director of NIPIGAZ, the leading Russian center for design, supply, logistics and construction management, part of SIBUR.

    In 2003 he graduated from Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov, specialty "Project Management".

    Since 2001, he worked at Fronstep CJSC, where he went from a trainee to the Deputy General Director for Consulting. From 2008 to 2012, he held the position of IT Director at Avtodiesel JSC (Yaroslavl Motor Plant - YaMZ). In 2013, he began working in the Functions of the IT Group of SIBUR; from the end of 2014 to the summer of 2016, he worked as the IT Director of the group.

    In the summer of 2016 he was appointed to the post of IT Director of NIPIGAZ.

    • Founder of the I-IT-s club of IT directors.
    • Developer of the all-Russian professional standard "System Administrator".
    • The head of the regional project on creating a rating of IT companies through the eyes of customers "Chereda".
    • Member of the Board of the Union of IT Directors of Russia.

    What do you do in the company?

    I push innovative automation into the company in order to increase labor productivity, while simultaneously forming / enlightening business units in IT. If you don’t want to be educated, I’m lagging behind, let them sit around the clock in Excel and other Microsoft products. And I am switching to those who are more interested in improving the efficiency of their work through IT.

    One word that best describes how you work?


    How many hours a day do you devote to work?

    12 hours.

    How many hours do you sleep?

    6 o'clock.

    How do you have breakfast?

    Tea with bergamot and a spoonful of coconut oil, as well as fresh quail eggs and fish oil (Omega-3). On weekends I eat fried eggs with tomatoes, bacon and basil.

    What are you doing along the way to / from work?

    In traffic jams I play the harmonica - I decided to master.

    Which todo manager do you personally use?

    MS Outlook.

    What task manager / issue-tracker / repository do you use in the company?

    MS Outlook.

    What other tools and software do you use in your work?

    Workflow systems, ERP, BI, personnel systems, Microsoft family.

    What annoys you the most when you work?

    At meetings, people delving into gadgets are annoying.

    Do not follow the key rule - be here and now. Not ready to discuss a core issue.

    What kind of professional literature would you recommend?

    Goldratt Goal 1 , 2 ,3 ”- required reading. “Goal 3” is about IT.

    What do you prefer: electronic readers or paper books?

    Paper, smelling like in childhood.

    What technique and why do you prefer at work and at home?

    Evolved like this: at first there was a stationary PC, laptop, tablet, switched to a smartphone. Now 90% of the work is in the smartphone. To work with documents I turn on a work laptop.

    By the way, the tablet as a gadget has died, apparently, this market has come to an end.

    What do you listen to when you work?

    Your thoughts.

    Which life hack allows you to be more effective?

    • Delegate;
    • Write down;
    • Do not be lazy to set yourself reminders.

    What would you recommend to a person trying to go the same way?

    If you want to become a great manager - do not work for others at all.

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