Five reasons why you have to learn English

    We at EnglishDom are regularly contacted by IT specialists who urgently need to learn English. Unfortunately, the language cannot be learned urgently. Either science fiction or crooks write about instant English learning. And if you think that the language is “not needed” at the moment, it means only one thing - you still have time to start learning it.

    We analyzed the experience of our students and collected examples of situations when knowledge of English becomes necessary. Let's see what happened in the end.

    1. The study of TK
    The worst that can happen to the contractor is to fail to understand the requirements and not fulfill the order. Understanding the client in general terms is not enough - even if he does not require the impossible and does not want to "fly to the moon on a bicycle" (but most likely, wants to).

    Any misunderstood detail is a source of headache. Half of all problem situations can be prevented during the negotiation phase. However, if the customer is English-speaking, then you can only understand exactly what he wants, only knowing the language well. Difficulties in studying TK often force one to abandon profitable projects.

    For example, one of the EnglishDom students shared his experience that he did not translate the phrase
    at your discretion (at your discretion) into the TOR in the section where the design of the personal account of the site administrator was described. After that, almost daily, he demanded design details from a foreign customer, until they explained everything to him “on the fingers”. As a result, I delayed the project for one and a half weeks.

    2. Teamwork
    If the project manager took over the negotiations with the customer, this will make life easier for the executors. But if you are working in an international project, there will always be questions that need to be discussed directly with colleagues. The code itself, of course, is a universal thing, but meetings, retrospectives, refactoring have to be carried out in human languages.

    Again, we give as an example the experience of our student. In his work, he repeatedly encountered the need for decomposition. Usually, decomposition is a process that takes a lot of time, and now imagine when you first need to translate it from English and explain it in detail. Then delve into, making sure of the details. On average, a couple of days of decomposition takes a sprint from one and a half or two weeks, and if everything is set out in English, which you do not know - another plus day. And this can lead to a breakdown of deadlines.

    3. Research
    Search for information on specialized resources, blogs, in the community (Stack Overflow, Quora, GitHub), among videos on YouTube. To do this, you need to develop reading and listening skills (listening comprehension) in English.

    So, one of our students said that in the company where he works, several employees simultaneously learn English. At their leisure, they themselves look for good video / audio or an article in English, and then watch it all together to understand everything and explain difficult moments to each other.

    4. Demonstration of expertise
    Ignorance of the English language stops, if necessary, to show their knowledge, but lacks speaking skills. Or when in a dispute with colleagues you need to justify your choice. For example, if a developer from Delhi makes a fatal mistake, recommending ActiveRecord for working with RDBMSs or claiming that coroutine is a birthmark of asynchrony - how can you keep silent?

    But if you are still not strong enough in spoken English, you better conduct discussions in writing - on the forum, etc., since there you can take enough time to think and decide on words and language.

    5. Relocation.
    New interesting tasks, attractive salary and the opportunity to see the world. And here one cannot do without knowledge of a foreign language. To go to the nearest supermarket for groceries or order a cup of coffee for the waiter, a few words in broken English are enough. A completely different matter is full communication with colleagues and neighbors.

    Again, let’s cite our student’s experience as an example: he relocated only because he is a very strong php programmer. But as a condition, they demanded to take the Bridging course (an additional course to improve the language level). Only after the end of this course he was raised the payment to the level originally promised.

    To summarize
    If you want to grow as a specialist, invest your time in learning English. It will definitely come in handy for you!

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