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    About 20 years ago, Yahoo offered its employees to switch to a remote work format, thus saving millions of dollars and launching a new trend that gradually spread to the United States and Europe. According to various sources, about 45% of the working population of the United States at least once a week working from home, in the UK, this figure is 62%, in Japan - 32%, and in the EU - 10%.

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    In our country, this trend is only gaining momentum, but the numbers are already impressive - 2% or 1.8 million people. Among the pioneers are large and well-known brands - Beeline, Rusal, Yandex, MiF, and among those who wish - tens and hundreds of companies. The reason is on the surface: this kind of work is beneficial for the employer, and pleasant for the employee.

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    But in practice, alas, not everything is so good - everyone likes the idea, of course, but upon careful consideration, business owners and managers have a lot of doubts. We conducted our own research, interviewed our clients about their fears and identified key risks:

    In truth, in this age of globalization and digitalization, all these fears are only of lack of information - there are products on the domestic IT market that solve these difficulties both individually and in combination. And our company "LANIT-Integration" provides just such a product .
    Therefore, on December 13 we will hold a webinar where we will talk about why we need to transfer employees to remote work, answer all questions and present our product - a comprehensive solution Home Sourcing with an already configured infrastructure and an integrated information system.

    We invite to the webinar all interested and interested - the event is absolutely free.

    To participate, fill out the form on the websiteor send an email to  with your full name, company and contacts.

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