Roskoschestvo published a list of the best smartphones in 2018


    Recently Roskachestvo published an updated ranking of the best smartphones of the year. The rating is based on the test results, 13 new products took part in them. The first three positions are still occupied by the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS. From the 7th to the 9th place, the Galaxy S8 + smartphone went down - it was identified by the Huawei Mate 20 Pro (the 7th place) and the iPhone XR (the 8th place).

    IPhone 8 Plus and Huawei P20 Pro simultaneously occupy the 10th place, both smartphones scored the same number of points.

    The list itself looks like this:
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
    • iPhone XS Max.
    • iPhone XS.
    • Samsung Galaxy S9.
    • Samsung Galaxy S9 +.
    • Samsung Galaxy S8.
    • Huawei Mate 20 Pro.
    • iPhone XR.
    • Samsung Galaxy S8 +.
    • iPhone 8 Plus, Huawei P20 Pro.

    Experts from Roskachestvo published some test results. The staff of the department checked such parameters as the ergonomics of smartphones, camera capabilities, calls, a set of messages, music playback, navigation, and work on the Internet. In addition, experts evaluated the power, versatility, versatility of gadgets and the convenience of their interfaces. More specific parameters were not ignored: fingerprint scanner, water resistance, durability and voice quality in a noisy environment.

    In particular, the iPhone XR smartphone. Employees of the department decided to check the quality of the display, about which so many Apple representatives spoke at the presentation. As it turned out, the display is really good. The color quality, brightness, viewing angle - all at altitude. But to compare it with OLED-displays of other new models of smartphones from Apple is impossible.

    This smartphone also received points for face recognition. It is difficult to deceive him, he can recognize his owner even in the dark or with glasses on his face. True, if you close your eyes, the user identification fails.

    As for the charge, the iPhone XR fully charges in 3 hours and 15 minutes. After that, he can work up to 25 hours. The best result only iPhone XS Max.

    Huawei Mate 20 Progot the seventh place for a few positive points. One of them is the quality of the display, which is not inferior to the iPhone in brightness, contrast or viewing angle. The camera of the smartphone received at once three lenses and an LED flash, it supports shooting in HDR mode. The camera has a function of image stabilization in night mode, thanks to which a good shot can be obtained even in the dark. It is worth noting that up to 100% of the smartphone is charged in just 1 hour and 15 minutes, it holds a charge of 23 hours.

    The smartphone also received high points for performance - it has a fast processor and there are no problems with work.

    The latest smartphone, which highlighted the staff Roskoschestva - Google Pixel 3 XL. He did not enter the top 10, but only in the top 50, but the phone was identified because of the good quality of the camera, which allows you to get great pictures. Photos are obtained both day and night - even if you shoot without flash. The smartphone was introduced in October of this year. Its relatively weak side is the battery. The battery capacity was 3430 mAh versus 3500 of the previous version. Google followed fashion, and covered the back of the phone with glass.

    The total number of phones tested by Roskoischestvo is 415. Details and results can be found here . Some previously tested smartphones are no longer sold, but it was decided to leave information about them .

    It is worth noting that a year ago, Roscoe remained unhappy with the Apple iPhone X. According to research results, the iPhone X smartphone received less points in the final grade than other 2017 flagships. Moreover, the phone during the tests showed worse results than some phones, released a few years ago.

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