Timeweb entered TOP-10 domain registrars in the .RU zone

    Few people know that since the beginning of 2018 we have begun to fully operate as a domain registrar in .RU / .РФ zones.

    Previously, we, like many hosting providers, registered domains in the status of a reseller of one of the largest registrars. There are pluses, but the disadvantages are obvious: many procedures required manual changes by a support specialist in the registrar's office.

    At one point we realized that with the improvement of the service we cannot leave this moment aside. We believe that working with domains should be as convenient as working with hosting sites .


    Separately, we can say that the impetus for the decision to become a registrar was the increase in prices for registration of domains .RU / .РФ in the summer of 2017.

    It was important for us to keep the prices for customers to register domains at a low level without sharp increases. We can say with confidence that this has been achieved: the cost of registering .RU / .РФ is only 179 rubles.

    At the same time, we managed to maintain an adequate renewal cost, now it is only 299 rubles / year.

    Run a standalone recorder

    At the end of 2017, we completed numerous internal tests and made sure that at the time of opening of the registration of domains in the zone .RU / .РФ for clients there will be no unforeseen situations and problems.

    At the very beginning of 2018, after the end of the New Year holidays, we switched the registration of new domains to the Timeweb registrar system. From this point on, we actually started our activity in a new role - a domain name registrar.

    Who we are now

    A year later, we entered the country’s top 10 registrars by .RU domains. At the same time, we are one of the leaders in the hosting market.

    We were able to give customers important tools to manage their domain. Change of contact information of the domain administrator and NS-servers is now conveniently happening, from the Account Management Panel.


    Where are we going

    Our plans are ambitious: next year we plan to enter the TOP-5 registrars in .RU / .РФ zones. We will continue to build up our client base, and will also try to maintain the competitive cost of registering and renewing domains.

    What our current and future customers will get: fast and inexpensive domain transfer to us. You pay only the fee, which is charged for registration procedure by the Coordination Center of the national domain of the Internet - at the moment it is only 144 rubles.

    What are the benefits to customers?

    As a registrar, we can keep prices for customers at a low level, since there is no “middleman” between us and the Registry of Domain Names.

    Therefore, the cost of registering, renewing and transferring domains to us is small.

    Стала ли проще процедура переноса домена с другого хостинга в Timeweb?

    Of course. You just need to know the authorization code from your current registrar. To do this, you need to search for it yourself in your account of the current hosting provider or registrar, or contact their support.

    After you get the code - go to the "Domains and subdomains" section, select "Domain transfer" and enter the code.

    After clicking on the “Transfer” button and payment (now the transfer costs 144 rubles, but you can also use the bonus that is added to the virtual hosting account when paying for the year) a transfer will be ordered for the domain, about which we will inform you by e-mail.


    If you want to manage domains and hosting from one Timeweb panel, but you are not sure how to do it - just writeor call us and we will answer all questions about the transfer procedure and show you how to proceed.

    If you are ready to purchase more than 100 domains, we are ready to offer you a special price that is much lower than the market price (99 rubles) with an adequate renewal price. Requests send by mail: 2domains@timeweb.ru

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