Leaked personal data of Quora users

    Quora's knowledge sharing service administration reported that hackers broke into the company's network and stole personal data of approximately 100 million users.

    Quora warned affected users by email and reset their login passwords. If users used the same passwords on other sites, the company recommends changing them.

    What data could attackers obtain?

    • names and email addresses of users, as well as profile data associated with Quora social networks (for example, information about contacts and interests);
    • encrypted passwords;
    • public actions and content, including questions and answers, polls and comments;
    • non-public content, including private messages.

    The company noted that they do not collect information such as bank card numbers. The attack also did not address the questions and answers of anonymous users, since Quora does not store their identifiers.

    Quora discovered unauthorized access to their systems on November 30, 2018, and immediately began an internal investigation. The company also reported the incident to law enforcement. Who is behind the attack, in Quora do not know.

    Quora Security Update FAQ

    Apparently, data on advertisers was compromised: budgets, structure of advertising companies, etc.

    Quora Ads Security Update FAQ

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