Frontend Mix - talk about Node.js, scalability and native web

    You have a frontend. You have written a site, but now it is asked to build it into your native application. You mix them up and get a seamless transition. You do not understand how this happened, but they will explain it to you.

    You have a frontend. You need a BFF, and you choose Node.js. You customize, develop, profile, and get a result. You do not understand what you did, but they will explain it to you.

    You have a frontend. You also need free scaling, so you take Node.js and mix it with Comedy. You do not understand how to work with this, but they will explain it to you.

    Viktor Isaev clearly shows why the Comedy framework is a force

    Under the cat there are three useful reports about the insides of Node.JS, tools, native web, and even the perfect demo of multithreading in Node.JS with the Comedy framework.

    Andrey Melikhov (Yandex.Money)

    Node.js in an enterprise - why and how?

    Why large companies choose Node.js as BFF. How to properly prepare Node.js, what tools you need for developing, profiling, and monitoring production.

    Victor Isaev (SAYMON)

    Comedy: Actors for flexible scaling Node.js

    Report acquaintance with the Comedy framework and the implementation of actors in Node.js. A story about how to scale individual Node.js modules without changing the code and intelligently manage the load. There will be a lot of code and live demo.

    Victor once wrote a post about it  - there is a text, if it is more convenient for you to read, not watch, and from there you can copy the necessary commands.

    Zar Zakharov (Alfa Bank)

    The story of how we in the bank JS-services embedded in the native application

    Imagine that you have a native application in which you need to embed a JS application. A report on whether WebView should be used for this and whether there are other legitimate ways to stitch the native and JS so that no one suspects anything.


    4:30 Почему показываем мобильное приложение, а говорим про фронтенд
    6:30 Фронтовые разработчики доставляют задачи в два раза быстрее и в два раза больше, чем мобильные команды
    7:00 Под две системы нужны два мобильных разработчика
    9:00 Решения для нативной разработки для фронтендеров — ionic, nativescript, react narive
    12:15 Какие технологии используют в Альфа Лаборатории?
    13:20 Почему WebView?
    14:20 Почему хорошо показывать сайт вместо недостающих разделов приложения
    16:00 Первая проблема — единый дизайн (его нет)
    19:50 Вторая проблема — кросс-авторизация и протухающие токены
    23:08 Третья проблема — никто не задумывался об оптимизации приложений
    25:40 Ускорение загрузки страниц с 4.5 до 1.2 секунды. Как?
    29:30 Скорость загрузки зависит от девайса. Почему это важно?
    31:17 Четвертая проблема — про странности с отладкой
    35:00 Что все-таки выбрать для нативной разработки, если вы фронтендер?

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