Online master class from ethical hacker Paula Yanushkevich

    The world's leading penetration test specialist. Winner of access to the source code of Windows. Microsoft Most Valued Partner. “Professional hacker on the side of good” Paula Yanushkevich will hold a master class on information security for the second year in a row. Details and registration under the cut.

    Join our hands-on workshop with the CQURE team to
    learn about the biggest mistakes in infrastructure security that
    attackers can easily use and understand the next steps you should take to protect your work environment.

    Main topics of the event

    • Techniques used by modern cryptographers
    • and methods of protection against them. The role of Kill-Chain.
    • Monitoring and investigating attacks: aspects of cloud security
    • including endpoint analysis monitoring services (EDR tools).

    For whom

    The event is aimed at information security specialists, system administrators, infrastructure architects, system engineers and other specialists responsible for ensuring the security of the organization’s network and perimeter.

    Paula has 14 years experience in cybersecurity, CQURE
    implements pentest, architectural consulting, various trainings and seminars.

    Paula Yanushkevich has hundreds of projects in large commercial companies and government organizations, as well as speeches at such large-scale conferences as Microsoft Ignite, RSA, Black Hat, TechEd North America, TechEd Europe, TechEd Middle East, CyberCrime and others.

    Register , we will wait for you!

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