Reading for the weekend: how not to spoil the hearing and escape from the noise of the city - 17 articles and practical guides

    In the digest of “Hi-Fi World” we will talk about why the noise level in cities is increasing and what we can do to preserve hearing and reduce noise pollution.

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    As cities get louder

    • Ecosystem of sound: what it is and how to work with it . Learn how sound background affects your health and productivity. We’ll tell you what a sound landscape is, break down ecoacoustic myths and discuss the effect of noise on concentration in reading and writing. In addition, we will share simple recommendations on how to “tweak” the sound environment for yourself and minimize the negative effects of urban sound pollution.

    • Why is popular music so loud? An important component of urban noise pollution is background music. This article will tell you how she got so loud and what role commercial radio stations played in this.

    We protect hearing and get rid of noise.

    • How hearing changes with age and how to protect it . Over the years, the range of frequencies that a person can hear is reduced. This is a natural and inevitable process, but it can be slowed down. The material will discuss why hearing receptors die, why older natives hear better than retirees from the city , and what changes in lifestyle help keep hearing.

    • What gadgets will help reduce ambient noise . In order to protect against unwanted sounds, it is not necessary to use earplugs. The article will discuss the headphones, helmets and masks with an active noise cancellation system - from those available on the market to prototypes that are not translated into reality.

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    • How to make sound insulation at home . The soundproofing of many apartment buildings leaves much to be desired. This guide will help you take matters into your own hands. You will learn what materials and tools are needed for sound insulation of walls and ceiling, how much it costs and how to check.

    How to choose headphones for the city and how to care for them

    • How to choose headphones for different situations . In the subway, in the gym and at home, headphones perform different tasks. In public transport, insulation is important, and in sports - a tight fit. Why you should not buy home professional studio headphones, how to extend the life of the cable and what to look for when fitting overhead models - read the article.

    • Choose full-size headphones for the street . When choosing headphones for the street, there are many factors to consider, including comfort, sound insulation and sound quality. After reading our review of popular closed-type headphones, you will find out which model is best suited for connoisseurs of natural sound, in which headphones it is better not to go down to the subway, and which ones will be hot in summer.

    • What are ear pads . This article will tell you what shape there are ear cushions for in-channel and overhead headphones, how to evaluate them when buying, and how their fabrication affects sound and comfort. The text also speaks about individual custom devices and why the softest ear cushions are not always comfortable to use.

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    • Headphones with active noise reduction: the pros and cons . An increasing number of manufacturers produce headphones with active noise cancellation. For many people who are forced to spend time in noisy spaces, such models are indispensable. But they also have disadvantages - from the need for frequent recharging to the suffering sound quality. From the material you will learn what you should pay attention to when buying headphones with noise cancellation and how to make an economical choice.

    • How to clean headphones . Regardless of the design, look and model of your headphones, they need regular care. Dirty headphones sound worse and often cause ear infections. In the article, you will find general instructions for cleaning overhead and in-ear headphones, as well as tips on caring for popular Apple EarPods.

    What are dangerous headphones

    • How to use headphones without hearing damage . The more companies move to open offices, the more people are forced to use headphones in the workplace. For many, this is the only way to concentrate and not be distracted by other people's conversations. However, the constant use of headphones can lead to problems - doctors do not recommend wearing them for more than an hour a day. In the material we will describe how to listen to music at work without harm to health and how to make an open office quieter with the help of “pink noise”.

    • Children's headphones: watch the volume . Children's headphones should, in theory, protect sensitive children's hearing. But in practice it is not. The maximum volume of some “childish” models significantly exceeds the allowable level. In this article we talk about popular with children headphones and their safety.

    • Headphones with bass: the benefits and harm of low frequencies . Many music lovers prefer "bass" headphones. Models with Extra Bass, Bass Boost or Mega Bass labels are very popular. But popularity is not a sign of quality. Frequent use of such equipment is detrimental to hearing. From the article you will learn when and how to safely use bass boost.

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