We invite you on December 3 to a master class on employment in the gaming industry

    On December 3rd, we will have a free master class on the topic “ Features of employment in the gaming industry at the Higher School of Business Informatics . Come, the entrance is just by registration.
    The workshop will be hosted by Sergey Volkov , Head of Gamedev Practice at Spice Recruitment. Sergey has assembled a team of professional game recruiters in Russia. The portfolio of implemented cases for employment in the gaming industry includes Riot, Wargaming, Zeptolab, Nival, Ice Pick Lodge, Pixonic, etc.

    The event is being held as part of the eight-month educational program of professional retraining " Management of gaming Internet projects ", which is currently recruiting students. By the wayopen day will be tomorrow, also come in.

    A workshop on employment in the industry will be interesting for people interested in games and considering the opportunity to start working in the gaming industry. Novice developers who want to learn more about the features of job search in the industry. As well as experienced workers in the gaming industry, aimed at gaining knowledge about modern criteria for the selection of specialists in gamedev. By the way, at the master class, each guest can fill out a resume for work in the gaming industry at the Spice Agency booth .

    What will be discussed at the lecture:

    • About the variety of specializations in the gaming industry . Advantages and disadvantages of the professions “programmer”, “artist”, “producer”, “community manager”, etc. Features of the entry threshold for each profession to an inexperienced / experienced candidate.
    • On the specifics of the gamedev work schedule : freelance, office work and work on your own project.
    • About finding a suitable job : from Google to DevGAMM.
    • About 4 main criteria for hiring a candidate and the impact of each of them on the final decision of the management of the gaming company

    At the end of the lecture, everyone will be able to ask his question about working in a game dev to Sergey Volkov and teachers of the professional retraining program “Management of gaming Internet projects”.

    We invite you to attend the lecture for free! But there is a nuance - entry through the lists, so be sure to REGISTER .

    And just in case, I will write again about the place and time: December 3 from 14:00 to 16:00 (it is better to arrive 15 minutes earlier) in the city of Moscow near the metro station Rizhskaya on ul. Trifonovskaya, d. 57, p. 1.

    If you have any questions about the event, then ask in the comments. I will be glad to answer.

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