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    We already talked about interesting books , programs and video blogs on the topic of mailing lists, UI and usability in the Pechkin-mail blog . In this issue of the digest, we will look at thematic projects that are in the top of the rating on Product Hunt. / Photo by JD Hancock / CC Good Email Copy from Front helps you find examples of good mailing texts. An impressive collection is constantly updated. Developers pay special attention not to design, but to content. All letters are segmented by subject. Really Good Emails is another example of an aggregator of selected mailing emails. They are distributed by tasks: discounts, holidays, invitations, product updates and so on.

    Great Email Copy is an alternative version of a selection of sample email newsletters compiled by The purpose is similar to the others - to study the best practices for working on mailing lists.

    Email Generator - a simple email address generator for the recipient’s name and two options for the organization’s domains. It differs from Email Hunter in that it does not search for information on the Web - all received addresses will require verification.

    Email Validator! - A simple tool for checking the format and syntactic structure of an email address. Allows free use of both the service itself and the source code.

    HTML Emailprovides responsive email templates that can be the starting point for your newsletter. They have been tested on most email clients and work equally well on desktop devices, tablets and smartphones. Zurb's

    Foundation for Emails 2 helps you quickly create an engaging email using Inky's templating language, which helps get rid of complex markup.

    Ugly Email will detect all popular email tracking services, including Bananatag, Streak, Yesware and others. Having discovered a spyware letter, Ugly Email marks it with an eye icon. To install the extension for Gmail, just go to the official Ugly Email website and click the "Add to Chrome" button.

    Nylas N1 Email- An open source email client that is compatible with most email services, including Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud AOL and Outlook. Users can switch between multiple mailboxes, format the text of letters, work offline, track openings and clickthroughs of links, and also use the function of delayed sending letters. And the main feature of N1 is that it can be changed using extensions, adding new features, for example, a translator.

    Zero Email is another client that uses machine learning to prioritize emails. Works with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Outlook and supports the function of delayed sending letters.

    Sort Emails by Sizefor Gmail sorts letters by the "weight" of attachments. It will help to quickly put the mailbox in order - sorting 1000 letters takes only 30 seconds.

    Thrive for Email is another attempt to offer a “smart” email client that will help you work with emails received during email campaigns. It distributes letters according to the degree of importance and categories, recalls letters that are waiting for a response.

    Beetle Email is a service that allows you to track key metrics of newsletters of various companies according to specified search criteria. With it, you can learn about email campaigns by competitors and new market trends.

    Photo francois schnell CC / Flickr

    Email The Podcast- podcast about everything related to email. Speakers are Fabio Carneiro, a leading front-end developer at MailChimp, and Elliot Ross, responsible for email design at ActionRocket.

    Call to Action is a conversation of marketing experts. All about content marketing, A / B testing, copywriting, social media marketing and much more.

    Email Marketing's Grave is a new thematic podcast from PostUp. It will be useful to everyone who was sure that the era of email marketing is a thing of the past.

    The Everything Email Podcast is an email-related program that releases once a month. In the first issues, facilitators discussed email delivery, design, headlines, and omnichannel marketing.

    Email Design Podcast is one of the few programs dealing with the design and design of letters.

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