Samsung Buds 2019: mysterious update for Gear IconX or potential killers of Apple AirPods

    Like many other companies, Samsung is preparing a novelty for its users in 2019. Presumably the new headphones will be called Samsung Buds. The first information about what exactly should replace Gear IconX, appeared in September. Under the cut, I will present scant information about what is known about the new headphones from Samsung, as well as analyze the advantages and disadvantages.

    Reliable information about Samsung Buds

    According to , in the depths of one of the divisions of the Korean giant Samsung, the preparations for the serial production of new wireless headphones with the predictable name Samsung Buds are being completed. It is known that the new product will receive support for Bixby 2.0, not specified, but “large” volume of its own memory (which obviously indicates the presence of a built-in player), support for Bluetooth 5.0, and besides it will work as a fitness tracker.

    The name “Samsung Buds” was registered as a trademark for headphones and headsets. At the moment there is no data on whether the company is going to replace the controversial, in the sense of success, the Gear IconX line on the market, but there are facts that speak about such a scenario. The authors of the Android Headlines resource are convinced that Samsung Buds will appear in the first quarter of 2019.

    It is likely that the start of sales should be expected simultaneously with the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10. Based on these data, Android Headlines makes an even more audacious analytical conclusion that the release of headphones and a smartphone will take place in early January, and the products will be presented for the first time at CES 2019.

    Consider: Does Gear IconX require replacement?

    So, I decided to think about whether castling or Samsung would create two lines of similar products at once. On the one hand, the history of large companies knows more than one example of the parallel development of different concepts in the headphone market. And you don’t need to go far, for example, Apple first bought fashionable, but senseless beats, and next year, obviously, plans to replace them with another line of full-size headphones.

    On the other hand, the name Samsung Buds hints that, like Gear IconX, they will have in-channel acoustic design. Accordingly, a reasonable question arises, why do we need two of the same type of line of headphones. In an attempt to understand whether Gear IconX requires replacement, I looked at their strengths and weaknesses.

    So, the advantages of Gear IconX include the following:

    • touch control, for example, double-tap track switching;
    • adequate sound insulation, especially in comparison with Apple AirPods;
    • three colors, while maintaining design recognition;
    • thoughtful ergonomics designed for regular use (light, so comfortable);
    • the presence of 4 GB of internal memory and player eliminates the need to use a smartphone.

    In this case, the headphones have tangible disadvantages:

    • rather large dimensions of the docking station, sticking out of the pockets, rather weighty thing.
    • The application for IconX exists only under Android, which is strange, since it would be logical to introduce your own product into the ecosystem of the main competitor;
    • relatively short operating time: no more than 6 hours in the mode of listening to music (when using two headphones);
    • lack of protection from rain and sweat when playing sports;
    • Medium headphone specifications for $ 200.

    In general, we can conclude that the existing model and the concept in which it was made are viable. At the same time, the ambitious Samsung developers probably want to give the world more. I am inclined to believe that Samsung is considering the possibility of competition with Apple on an equal footing, which requires the elimination of flaws and re-branding, so that the new model is not associated with the controversial Gear IconX.


    In order to assert with complete certainty that Samsung Buds will replace Gear IconX, you need to interrogate someone from the leadership of the Korean giant with an addiction. But even on the basis of available data and common sense, it can be concluded that this is very likely. Especially, given that Apple is preparing an update for AirPods, Google introduced Pixel Buds, and Huawei has already cloned Apple headphones, providing them with a ten-hour job.

    At the moment in our catalog there are no Samsung headphones, but there are lots of others . In this case, we do not exclude that after the release of the new model, it will take its place on the shelves of our stores.

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